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Black hatch/door locks


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Has anyone powder coated or painted the hatch or door locks?  I am going to paint my chrome/stainless trim black on my 280z but didn't know about the locks, especially the hatch lock, given the fact that it pushes in.



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1 hour ago, grannyknot said:

roughen up the metal with at least 120 grit to get anything to stick

And then plastic-dip.. maybe someone has some experience with that? 

But i think it's going to be difficult.. Maybe this,  .. there is some chemical that is used for passifying steel that gives a black end result.. but i don't know if this works on stainless steel!  You could test it i guess.. 🙂  (could be a nice endresult a matt blackish lock!)

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8 hours ago, fusion said:

I am going to paint my chrome/stainless trim black on my 280z

I have seen a lot examples of blacked trim, and they all fail in a few years..  stainless is very hard.. and HARD to paint .. maybe chemical like i sayd above..

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google says..

Is there a blacking kit for stainless steel?
ALL PURPOSE METAL BLACKING SOLUTIONS Blackfast Chemicals manufactures a unique product specifically designed for the Blacking of Iron and Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. Our chemical blacking kits are both safe and easy to use. Producing a high quality metal finish that will withstand both corrosion and humidity.
Do some test and let us know what happened!
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