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Yellow Speedometer Gear


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Okay, who's hoarding all the yellow 240Z 16 tooth speedometer pinion gears?  

No problem getting the 17 through 20's, but not the original yellow one.  🤔

Found one from another guy in town, but it's teeth didn't look so good.  Using it anyway.


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Backstory…Had a few oil drips from the speedo cable area, not a lot, just annoying. Ordered a new o-ring and seal, disassembled and installed. No more leaks for a few hundred miles, great! A few weeks ago I was getting on the freeway, rather briskly I admit, you know, get up to 80ish or so to merge with all the other crazy drivers. I notice the speedometer jumping around a bit, and finally stopped working altogether. Weird, pull the speedo gear out and teeth are really worn on just one side of the gear. Speedo cable spins fine from below, no kinks in cable, pinion gear turns fine in the carrier. Can’t figure out why it failed. Maybe tail shaft bearing is worn, allowing the worm gear to flex down onto pinion? Anyway, so began my search for a replacement 16 tooth yellow speedo gear. Found one, but it’s not in the greatest shape.
Pic shows original (right) and replacement.

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