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Brake Booster 6” kit


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I have an early 1972 240z (5/72). It states that those stock brake boosters were 6” in diameter. I did a search for a 6” kit and didn’t find anyone that had them. Are they available out there or are they custom built on request and that’s the reason they don’t show up on the website.


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Thanks so much for everyone’s information. I’ll send it off to Power Brake Exchange. I was looking on the carpartsmanual.com website on the master vac for the 240z and it showed that the early 1972 240z had a 6 inch size master vac.

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I'm not sure the discrepancy isn't from how you measure the booster. If you measure the main chamber its 6"


When you measure out to the outside band, its closer to 7". I would still contact a rebuilder. Doesn't matter what size it is. As long as they have parts for it

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here for lesss.... 😉  39,90! (euro)

2103-3510010 - Bremshilfe Bremskraftverstärker LADA NIVA 1600 & LADA (aet-autoteile.de)

Thought about getting myself one but.. no.. it looks like it but is not original..   

The outer diameter it says 18cm about 7 inches..  maybe the internal suction part is the 6 inches meaned by others..

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