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Zedyone back on the boards

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1 hour ago, Zedyone_kenobi said:

That is a heck of a move buddy. Hope it is a move to increase your happiness and is good for you and your family. 


Will try not to steal your thread here, but yes, this is our dream home in the foothills complete with 1500 sq-ft garage.  Meeting with the epoxy floor coater tomorrow. Will start posting on the Garage Majal thread here soon.


So you will have to post some pictures of your current Z(s) and roadster here.  Gotta have the pics!

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I have missed you knuckleheads!  

I have so many projects I may try in the not too distant future.


I am thinking of upgrading my 40mm DCOE to 45's.  Want to see if they work as well as the 45's on the 2000 Roadster

I am thinking of upgrading my cooling system again to a better Aluminum Radiator with electric fans vs the stock clutch fan (this one I am struggling with as there is NOTHING wrong with my stock cooling system)

My clock that I had rebuilt and replaced from that Z clocks dude, all of a sudden stopped working, or is working intermittently.  Kind of bummed me out.  May have to put that back out and get it back to quartz perfection again. 


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