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Getting Choke Cable Sleeve Back in Console Lever Assembly


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I searched for a solution here, and unfortunately the title is the only way I know to describe it.

See pic below:


Does anyone have any tips for how to secure the choke cable sleeve in the lever assembly?  I thought about JB Welding it, but I don't want to risk getting JB on the cable itself and gumming up the works.

Thanks all.

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20 minutes ago, Patcon said:

Maybe remove the cable completely,  ream the bracket. Install the jacket and reswage somehow?

I don't think I can re-swage something that's already been swaged...  The metal looks thick, almost like a casting, probably swaged at the factory using some industrial press.


Surprised to find no hits on this when I searched...  I can't be the only Z owner with this issue, can I?


15 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

Yep; already bought that...  It's waiting to go in, but first I have to get the cable situation sorted.

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You can see the dents in the jacket where the swaging has compressed the material. And I believe you're right about the casting part... It looks like cast zinc or aluminum to me. Neither of which is known to be incredibly formable. And yes, that was probably swaged at the factory with a press and a fixture.

I would try to make some sort of fixture to swage the casting a tiny bit more and I would judiciously apply epoxy and give it a shot. Hope you don't crack the casting, and hope you don't get epoxy all up in there where it would gum up the works.

That doesn't look like a fun issue.

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I suggest using a heat gun to soften the rubber housing enough to force it back in. 

While you have access to the choke cable itself, might as well replace the steel wire itself. 

Here's the step-by-step process:


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