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Tires Tires..what do you recommend in 2021


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I’m on a work trip, presently sitting in a hotel in Nottingham, England.   The country is on a extreme lockdown.  Nothing is open and can’t dine in or out.  So being trapped in my hotel room during the day  my credit card burning in my pocket as I shop for stuff for the Z online.   In the days of COVID it seems supplies are limited in many things, especially wheels and tires.  Was looking at Konig Rewinds and Rota Rbr but it’s seems the wheel world is on back order in most places including MSA.  Now I’m looking at tires,.  Same problem on many tires I’m interested in,  

I wanted to see what tires you guys are running and feedback.  
Here are the ones I’m looking at:

1. Dunlop Direzza (reviews online are average)

2. BFG g-force comp 2 a/s (complaints of road noise)

3. Yokohama advan v701 (replaces s Drives)

4. Bridgestone Potenza (most expensive)

5. Continental Extreme Contact (even more expensive)

Looking for a quiet summer tire, don’t care about tread life or wet performance because I won’t drive in the weather.  
After a lot of reading in the forums I’ve decided to go with 205/55R16, to preserve OE wheel diameter.  Debated a 15” and would  go with 205/60R15 if I went that direction,.  
My current tires are 14” and old a dry rotted,  wheels are crap too.  This decision is long overdue.  

So in light of new tires available on the market today and some of the old faithfuls I’ve read about in the forum  no longer available I’d like to update the topic and see where we are in 2021 in the Z tire world.



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I run direzzas on street and track. I wish the on track performance was better. The street driving is great the z102s last a long time, I feel very confident in the tires ability to grip as well for our local mountain drives. 

I want to try the advan tires but I don’t go through tires enough. Maybe if I had a track set of wheels I would get potenzas, but the price/wear is not there for me as a government employee 😂😂😂

if money ain’t a thing. I’d get the potenzas their nice tires. 

I have OEM turbo wheels 15” I actually don’t like how thin they are, I think my next set will be 16”, larger tire selection and it fills the arch better.

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Thanks for the feedback guys,   So after finishing up my research on tires I went with one not on the above list.  After reading many reviews and looking at the spec/value ratio I came up with the General G Max RS.  This tire hasn’t been on the market long (2018) and is outperforming it’s completion in almost all areas.   Tire Rack has so much information and research available that it’s really a one stop shop for tire information.  This tire either beat or was on par with the Yokohama, BGFs, Falkens and Dunlop’s at an unbelievable price.  I paid out the door for 4 tires $370 shipped to my door, and General offers a $70 rebate if you buy before 1 April.  So $300 is the total cost.   

I went with 205/55R16 


It’s a summer tire but it doesn’t get too cold where I live and we get a snow dusting once every 4 years.  
BTW, these General tires are made by Continental in the USA, 

Once mounted on my wheels, which MSA just emailed me saying the Rewinds arrived I will post a pic.  


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It's like they give them away! If you do the dance, use their credit card and mail in the rebates from different companies they are sure cheap. I bought mine through Discount Tire Direct on a black Friday thing. Bought Rewinds in graphite with Hankooks and loved them then MSA comes out with satin black Rewinds. Sun's of britches! I really like those wheels, especially with my black rocker stripes. In my head of course.

Locked down with a credit card. Eww, that's scary.

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‘Cliff, interesting idea.  I bought mine through Walmart.com as they were $12 less per tire than Tire Rack.  I really like the Rewinds too but the Rotas were a very close second.  Price and availability made the choice pretty easy,  

I got home on Wednesday night so the credit card will be in an official cooling off period.  I’ve been working like a dog since Covid became the underlining global issue and I’m finally getting some good time off.  Looks like about 30 days.  The garage is ready for the Z.  Bought the lift installed it in between trips and now I just need to rent a car hauler and get it out of my Mom’s barn.  I got all new brake rotors and calipers coming and shoes for the drums (thanks S30Driver for the tips) . Once it gets here the first order of business is getting safe brakes installed all around.  I ordered Russel Speed Bleeders for the calipers and drums so bleeding is a simple one man job.  Not sure if you’re familiar but another thing I looked into on my down time.  

Here’s the new parking spot for the Z.  Just need a large mat on the floor because all the work ahead is going to get messy fast and I’m a bit obsessive about keeping stuff organized and clean.  🤓



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It’s just stuff.  Nothing replaces the value of family, friends and health.  My mother-in-law went into hospice today,  We’d trade it all to get her back.  The grass is only greener where you can be with the people you love and care about otherwise it’s all brown no matter how big the house is or how any toys you have.  I’ll trade the Viper for the 240 🤫

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Tires and wheels came in and I just got them mounted and balanced.
These tires look pretty nice. Overall I’m happy when you consider the total cost for everything including shipping and mounting was $901.
That’s hard to beat.

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Look good! Don't know if you got the lug nuts with your wheels but to save some money I bought these for both my 280 and 240. They are the same the wheel store sell. Good quality, I've had them for years and regularly rotate my wheels/tires so no damage from my impact wrench.

Just an FYI...


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