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When you haven’t done it for 40 years....


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9 minutes ago, zKars said:

Well it took two days, about 8 hours of work, and a lot of sweat (it’s actually a heat wave here right now, +23C yesterday) but I did it. Boy is my right arm sore.

I got this thing started. Was last running in 1981.  Yup

Wow, your '71 240Z sat for almost 40 years without being started - incredible!  Just think about that for a moment, the car was only 10 years old when you parked it.  Congrats on bringing the old girl back to life! 

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Clutch master and slave are new. Wouldn’t push fluid to the slave. Turns out the soft line was plugged with crud. Fixed that, and now the clutch works. Can technically make it move under its own power. SU’s need to be dismantled and cleaned, the jet tubes are frozen and it’s tough to get the mix rich enough. Runs but way too lean. Will take care of that this evening. 

It has to move into my yard for winter. Don’t feel like pushing it uphill, so it will get itself there, even if I use the starter motor to do it. 

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I'm amazed you found the engine to be so clean after four decades.  Coincidentally, just last week I began disassembly of an old Chev 327 V-8 (I know, I know, sacrilege on this site; forgive me).  The fellow I got it from believes that it last ran in (another coincidence) in 1981.  The oil is disgusting.  It is sludge.  Days after I began stripping the engine, there are still bits of black greasy stuff falling off the block.  I used a spoon to get some of it off the top surface of the heads. 

I have to admit, I've never before taken apart an engine  that has been idle for so long.  Any chemists out there know why Jim's engine would be clean, while mine is such a mess?  


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Bingo!  I think you nailed it.  Long time since I've been offered the choice of detergent and non-detergent. 

You mention head bolts covered with the stuff.  Mine were almost that bad.  I could see them, but had to scrape the sludge off  to get the socket to fit.  

BTW, my 240 is up and running, so I hope I won't be banished from this site for apostasy.  The 327 is for my newest project, the restoration of a 1965 Grant King-built oval-track sprint car.


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Final chapter for now.

Had to clean the carbs more thoroughly than I initially hoped. The jet tubes were not moving on their own, so couldn’t set richness or chokes. It was massively lean, would bog terribly just blipping the throttle, so I took them off last night and cleaned them up. One jet tube had to be pin punched with a ball peen hammer to move it. No damage, after cleaning and lubing, they now work just fine. 

I drove it quite nicely into its parking spot in my yard under its own power. Clutch felt perfectly fine. Would have loved to take it around the block and get it in second, but with no brakes, no way. The master has a layer of probably the stickiest black goo in the reservoirs I have ever seen. Will have to soak for ever. It has the nice early “Front in the front” master, would like to keep it.

The clutch slave soft line was plugged with crud. Couldn’t bleed the clutch initially, so I suspect the rest of the brake system needs more cleaning and work than I’m prepared to do this round. I have “peachy” to get ready by Christmas and there’s a storm-a-comin’ this weekend that will snow in the fleet for the winter. 

Thanks to Jitensha (Kevin) for helping with the car rodeo today and doing a great job of wheel chock placing when needed.

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