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I lost a good friend and brother yesterday

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My good friend TJ Lord and his father Gary were gunned down in their Virginia City gun store yesterday.
TJ was a sniper and my sniper instructor when I decided to take that training just because as an officer, I could. He made me feel welcome when I think the other students thought I was just an elitist shouldering my way in to the training.
Lately, I would see him at the range as I still go almost daily.
We both made it back from Iraq with me spending time in hospitals for over a year. It's just so hard to have a brother killed violently when we both thought we were safe now...
Well, as safe as you can ever feel after combat. We'd laugh about both trying to get the chair facing the door in restaurants. We'd tell each other when a nightmare woke us up. We'd laugh at ourselves for only knowing how to say "get on the ground" in Arabic.
He taught my daughter how to shoot and how to clean her weapon. I never told him but she had a crush on him and told me but not him... People say 'thank you for your service," but truthfully, we did it for the man or woman standing next to us. TJ stood next to me.
RIP brother...


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Conedodger, I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend.  Please trust me when I say that I know

how you feel.   After turning 78 last week,  you and I share very similar life experiences, and, with age,

comes the accumulation of life experience ghosts which can be, at times, overwhelming.  Thank you for 

sharing and remember the good.


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Words fail me except to offer sincere condolences.

Always difficult to lose anyone close and especially on a mindless / needless shooting. Especially when you have survived in battle only to be shot at home.

Take good care of yourself and family chap.

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You guys look properly badass!!!!

If that’s you in the top photo, I’d say it’s definitely Covid proof!! That’s some serious kit you got there.

I just saw the article pop up on my US news channel - totally senseless.

It’s totally understandable that you can’t sleep. A very sad ending to a life of accomplishments but at least his soul is in a better place and at peace.

Take it easy chap.

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That is a terrible tragedy, especially since he was home.

Though it may seem trite, I sincerely offer my gratitude for your service, as well as your friend's.

Supporting our troops means more to me than placing a sticker on my bumper.


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