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Worn out key re-cut


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I'm wondering if anyone successfully re-cut key based on the key code from worn out original key?

key (1).jpg

Someone said Dealer only store 10 years of data in the computer, the others say using VIN number lockthmith can re-cut new key.



My key is worn out and it easily falls off while running engine. I have spare ignition module, but I want to use the original key for door lock and ignition.

There is a code on the key one letter and 4 digit number. I wonder whether I can re-cut based on the code somewhere.

By the way, this key in the photo is from junkyard old 260z. You can't steal my car if someone successfully re-cut key for this :-)


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3 hours ago, psdenno said:

When I had a new key cut, I took the key code number from the glovebox door tag to a locksmith.  Quick, easy, inexpensive.


Is that the only place the key code exists? I don't believe I have ever seen that tag on any Z I've ever owned

Maybe on the lock cylinder?

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I've read that it's on the passenger side door lock cylinder.  Only the passenger side for some reason.

I did like site did and took the number from the glove box door to a local locksmith.  They didn't think twice, just looked up the cut in their books and made me some spares.  Just went and looked at mine and it's a letter and four numbers.  Like A1234.  

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Edit: Sorry this is so off topic from where the OP started.

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Thanks for the info! I still have original key with the code engraved as A1234 format. I will check with locksmith to cut the new key once ebay spair key arrived.


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