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saturday night music thread


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On 2017-12-17 at 8:59 AM, 240260280 said:

Now how am I going to resist the urge to go for a drive in a Datsun to the mountians this winter? Not sure where to find knobby snow tires anymore to recreate this properly..

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6 hours ago, cbuczesk said:

KWS is a big Mopar guy. He joined our caravan from CA to Vegas for the Mopars at the Strip show. I talked to him during one of our stops and helped him at the show when he had a problem with one of his cars.



Believe it or not I met KWS and his then girlfriend, now wife, Mel Gibson's daughter.  He came to my little town to record with Jerry "Boogie Man" McCain at a small private Blues Bar owned by a friend of mine.  Duble Trouble was the backup band.  He called me an hour before the taping started and said come on up, but don't say a word.

It was Kenny's 30 something birthday and she had a cake and I was standing around the table when he blew out the candles.

EDIT: I just saw he was born 6/12/77, so it was his 29th birthday.

One of my lifes all time great memories.


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