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  1. cbuczesk

    looking for a 240 or 260

    The Challenger looks solid. Are going with a six pack? My brother put a crate hemi in his 67 Belvedere and is really happy with it. Chuck
  2. cbuczesk

    looking for a 240 or 260

    Let's see your 70 Challenger. We have a 71 Challenger, 70 AAR and a 70 V-code Roadrunner. Chuck
  3. cbuczesk

    s30 NOS quarter panels

    They are not Nissan quarters. Blue shows pictures of the correct NOS panels. I used have about 50-75 sets of these aftermarket panels. They do install very well as compared to Tabco panels. I probably have some of the original cardboard wrappings but they're at my other garage. I think they were made in Taiwan. Chuck
  4. cbuczesk

    Found old Z pictures. I’ll start!

    The picture of the A-1 Motors Datsun dealer is here in Chambersburg PA. I think it's a used car dealer now. My friend bought his 71 240Z there new...still has it. I remember looking for my first car back in 1986 and going there to test drive a Z. I took it up Radio Hill and the brake pedal went almost to the floor. Made for an interesting drive. I ended up getting a 1975 280Z and still have it. Chuck
  5. cbuczesk

    New member, anything I must know?

    70-76 is 4-speed or AT. 5-speed was optional in 77-78. 77-83 5-speed will bolt in. Easy swap. A lot of these engines were driven hard but almost everyone I've found has had over 100k miles. They're very good engines. I'd choose the 240Z over the 280Z for electrical because it's much simpler. But that's just me. Chuck
  6. cbuczesk

    New member, anything I must know?

    There's an early 1974 260Z 2+2 in Boonsboro MD for $7900. If it's the car that my friend had to tune up then it's a super solid car and well worth checking out. Only 18,545 miles. Looks like it's brown with a brown interior. Phone 240-527-9991. IDK the seller. Just passing this along. My gf just told me about it an hour ago. I think it had the 240Z round top carbs. The Zs are very good and reliable cars. Rust is the weak spot. Put the headlights on a relay. Dave Irwin sells a nice plug-n-play kit for that. Chuck
  7. cbuczesk

    Welder and cutter

    A lot of shops don't want to touch this kind of work. At least you found some that will. How much are the shops charging to do something like this? It takes about 40 hours just to do the floors. The rockers are easier but I always find more rust around the seat belt area behind the rockers. That adds more work and time too. Chuck
  8. cbuczesk

    should I buy this car!?

    Wider wheels, better paint job, paint the grill, new bumper(s) and it could look pretty cool. I dreamed of having the JCR kit many years ago. If the rust was properly repaired then I think it's a fair price. Chuck
  9. You should to pull the other side to check it too. You have to replace both ball joints anyway. If that tube was bent in an accident you need to see what other damage happened. I've seen a lot of damage to our Z race cars but the strut tubes have never bent. Check your upper and lower frames, strut towers, etc. for any damage. Did the tire rub when you started this project? If not, why does it now? I might have a strut assy. Left side? Chuck
  10. We've wrecked and punished our race cars and yet they're rarely much out of alignment. I'd check the strut just to be sure that it's straight but I agree that the problem is most likely bearing or hub related. Chuck
  11. Post a picture of your wheels off the car. I wonder if the backspacing is wrong. Maybe a spacer stuck to the right hub but fell off the left side. That would do it. Chuck
  12. Where are you in PA? Chuck
  13. cbuczesk

    [SOLD] 1973 Datsun 240Z Scarab

    I'm pretty sure that this is the car that Mike Runnels went out to see. It's a real Scarab. IDK if he's on here but he is on Facebook. And about rednecks...ah, the things we do to fix our cars at the race track. A couple races ago a Z all but came to a stop in a high-speed turn. Jeff's 240Z slammed into the back of another 240Z. We pulled the nose straight using a truck and tie downs. He stood on the hood to finish getting the bends out. It actually looked pretty good when done. I think he went on to win the next day. Chuck
  14. cbuczesk

    EMPI Original 8-Spoke, 2-piece Wheels

    Size and price? Chuck
  15. I've had the pivot ball snap off. Never seen this before. Maybe there's a wrong part somewhere in the clutch system causing that. Something is probably too long and causing excess pressure on the pivot is my first guess. Chuck

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