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  1. cbuczesk

    Too rich for my blood

    More pics here: https://www.carsrememberwhen.com/inventory/1971-datsun-240z-/113591 Chuck
  2. cbuczesk

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    If you remove the engine and trans the job will be much easier! Chuck
  3. cbuczesk

    Rust Advice 78 280z

    I've fixed/replaced most of that before. How's the frame on the engine side? Chuck
  4. cbuczesk

    Lowering Bottom Spring Perch

    Another option is to remove the strut tops, heat them to remove the rubber insert, cut 1" (or whatever) off the rubber, insert into the metal cup and then fold the metal sides over to hold it in place. You'll want to cut 4 slices in the metal side to fold it over in 4 sections. Does that make sense? Chuck
  5. cbuczesk

    Cowl Hood Weatherstripping

    It looks correct to me...or at least close. It's the first pic. It might have to cut off a few inches since it's usually too long. Clean it well so the glue will hold. I use paint sticks and clamps to hold it on place while it dries. Chuck
  6. cbuczesk

    Difficult time fitting swaybar end links

    It seems like you have a lot of binding with that sway bar. I use an aftermarket bar and it pivots easily in the bushings so there's no issue connecting the end links. Maybe you can use a C clamp or something to pull the sway bar closer. Chuck
  7. I understand. Hope you recover soon! Chuck
  8. The Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals welcomes Imported vehicles from around the world as well as domestics, kit cars, motorcycles and trucks and high end performance vehicles. See the top builds, restorations, clubs and brands representing the world of automobiles and performance. Join us for your high-octane adrenaline fix with autocross, drifting, rolling exhaust competition, burnouts and more. May 18-20, 2018 Adult Admission: Daily Fri.- Sat. $10 / Sun $7 / Event Pass $15 Kids 12 and Under FREE Event Hours Thu.-Sat. 7am-6pm , Sun. 9am-12pm On-grounds Parking: Fri. $5 / Sat. $10 / Sun. Free http://www.carlisleevents.com/carlisle-events/carlisle-import-and-performance-nationals/default.aspx
  9. Here's a drone video of the show. Chuck
  10. I have 5 vendor spots at Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals/East Coast Z Nationals May 18-20. My friend who usually sells Z/Miata parts with me isn't coming up from Myrtle Beach this year. I'm looking for 1-2 people who have some Z parts to sell and want to share my vendor spots. The only thing I want in return is someone to watch my stuff so I can get out and enjoy the show now and then. Info on the show is here: http://www.carlisleevents.com/carlisle-events/carlisle-import-and-performance-nationals/default.aspx I've attached some pics during setup last year. If you're interested or have questions email me. cbuczesk@comcast.net Chuck
  11. I just watched the show last night. Two new distributors were bad? I highly doubt it. It was either tv drama or more likely something else was wrong. I noticed in a later clip that they were back to using a new distributor again. Why put all that dynamat down to quiet the car but then not put it in the hatch area and also not put in a rear carpet? They also installed a fancy headliner but left off the vinyl that runs along the A pillar and roof. What's up with that? The tach and speedo are small for the openings and the other three were too far forward. The editing could be better. He was driving the Toyota or some other car but showed a Z dash. The were some other inconsistencies too. He said they had (was it only 8 hours?) into fixing the two front fenders including paint. I don't see how that's possible especially since he was having so much trouble welding. It would have been quicker/cheaper to get a couple new fenders and work with them. Maybe that was to show their welding/body/paint skills on tv? I'm a little OCD so I pick up on that stuff and it bothers me. lol. Anyway, I liked the show and set the DVR to record it. Is anyone here familiar with the shop? This is the first I've heard of them and I've been a Z guy for 30+ years. Chuck
  12. cbuczesk

    Weld through primer questions

    Don't use weld-through primer. The welds often don't penetrate. I talked to my friend who does $100k restorations and sprays epoxy primer and then cleans the area with a dremel with a wire wheel where the weld goes. I recently tried weld-through primer when installing my AAR trunk. At times it was like welding to copper. Don't waste your time and money on it. You can use a good PPG epoxy or something like that. Another option is POR15, etc. Chuck
  13. cbuczesk

    Header and exhaust for L6 square port (lowered price)

    I still have the system. My friend should be able to bring it down to Myrtle Beach after one of our next races if you'd want to get it from him. I'm hoping to race at VIR May 11-13 if you'd want to meet me there. Chuck
  14. cbuczesk

    New head install question

    I think the new head bolts are turbo bolts. It's a good idea to put new bolts in but I have re-used them. I don't think that the ARP studs cost too much more than the stock bolts. I use the ARP studs on the race engines and it's nice to not have to buy new bolts or worry if the used ones will hold up. I use a piece of wood to hold the timing chain. It's been working for almost 30 years! Chuck
  15. I've been using Centric brand rotors on the race car for the last few years and they've held up well. I get them from Rock Auto or Amazon. I also use their aluminum drums. We use Carbotech pads. They make several different compounds. Check their website and/or email them with questions. They're easy to deal with. Chuck

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