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5/70 part out in Seattle

Terrapin Z

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Not my car, I do not know the seller.

Ran across this ad last night. Before he had a price for the whole car, and the rare items sold.  I tried to work a deal but we did not come to terms, oh well. 

I was too late for the rare parts and he wanted too much for the remainder, at least for me. 


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Silver and rust, yep.  It is no longer posted.

I checked the ad every now and then to see if anything had been added to the sold list, but it never changed. 

Some peeps just think they have gold, when it is really just gilded rust. 


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Ah you have fallen for the trickery, please note the sold list.  The bottom pic is the most recent. No steering wheel. When I talked to him at the first post he said the radio was spoken for even though he did not include it's name in the sold list. It's best asset now is an E31 head and an 71A trans.

parts that are already gone are as follows;
igniton switch
Steering wheel 
horn button
center console

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