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1971 BRG aka "Lucky Lady"


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Hello Everyone,

I've been on the forum for a few years; I'm finishing the rear suspension on my '73 right now.

I've been buying/selling Datsun parts and cars here and there to supplement my income and to fund the '73.


I cannot believe I found this 71. I am still in a bit of shock. I live modestly and can only afford drivers. Now I am debating which car to keep. The 3rd owner '73 that I've dumped thousands of dollars into, or start fresh with an original '71 in my favorite color?

I'm starting this thread to document my progress, and mainly, for everyone's expertise. My plan is to get this Lucky Lady as close to original as possible this year, then decide which one to sell.

I'm at the airport so I'll give more details and photos tomorrow.


1971 240z, 109k miles, 3rd owner. Professionally reupholstered leather seats. Unmolested. Series 1 crossover vertical defroster lines, gas lid, lighter, etc. Original paint? If so, touched up in spots. Rust/bondo at driver's dog leg. Floors, rails, rockers solid, quarter sized hole in driver's floor.

Original owner lives locally and I have his contact info. I'm hoping to get in touch with him, pick him up in the Z, and sit down over a beer to hear some history.







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I probably won't have the time to touch her during the next month. I'm considering the driver's dog leg replacement towards the end of the summer. I washed her and threw some AR Libre wheels on (with some tiny tires) for now.
























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Nice find and looks to be a good foundation to start with.  I can tell you are very appreciative to find the car and carry it forward to the next level.  The Libre's look good on it!  We look forward to your updates.

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3 hours ago, psdenno said:

Nice looking '71!  Has the rear hatch been replaced or repaired?  I noticed the emblems are missing on it.  Always good to see another '71.


As far as I know, the hatch is original. The broken Datsun emblem is in the center console and the guy said his brother stole the 240z emblem for his 240sx. Luckily I found a NOS 240z emblem on eBay for $20. Still on the hunt for a decent Datsun hatch emblem.

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Just some small updates:

1. Readjusted hood hinges so she latches now. 

2. Spent some time degreasing the engine. 

3. Installed oem-spec cast mechanical fuel pump. 

4. Next: Rotor, distributor cap, NGK plugs and wires, coil

5. Many parts sourced: hatch emblems, taillight lens, cigarette lighter.

6. Next I'm going to clean/detail interior and exterior. Then drive her to an exhaust shop. 




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one of my favorite things about these cars is that you can see right down to the dirt on both sides of the engine - so simple, so much room in the bay!

looking at the ground under your car, i'd put down a tarp every time i worked on it for fear if i ever dropped a small part (which i do regularly) it would be gone forever...

looks great, keep up the posts ;)

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Update. I found a brand new Series 1 choke cable set in the hatch. I decided to sell it to raise more money toward the car.

I've been cleaning up the inside and in many ways it is nicer than my 73. I wish the original radio was in it though.

I also need to decide if I want to run the steelies or the Libre wheels.

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