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  1. Looking great! Hopefully you won't have any issues with the vinyl kit over those rear shock towers, mine were so tight that I ripped one and I didn't have any sound deadening material on them. Hope all is well!
  2. Car is sold! Thank you everyone here that has helped along the way! Off to her new owner.
  3. Thank you. I wanted to list it on here first in case someone was interested. If it doesn't sell in a week or 2, I will list it on either Bat or Ebay. or both.
  4. Thanks Jayman! Glad my build helped you as so many people on this forum have helped me.
  5. You are definitely right. I was hesitant on using the term "resto-mod" but thats probably more of an accurate description
  6. Thank you sir. You know it took me like a year just to muster up the strength to post it for sale.
  7. The Z is officially up for sale. I know one of you fine gentlemen has room in your garage for it!
  8. Officially now up for sale is my prized possession, my 1975 Datsun 280Z. This hurts me to write this ad but it's something I must do. I don't drive the car as much as I thought I would, and I am currently starting a new business so financially it makes sense. Before posting it up to Ebay, I figured I would list it here first since this forum has been a huge help with the build. I originally bought the car in August of 2013 and immediately began the restoration process. It was completely stripped down to the chassis, media blasted, rusted areas were removed, and replaced with new metal. T
  9. Oh man if my wife ever sees my stack of receipts I have hidden in the garage, I'm a dead man
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