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  1. Looking great! Hopefully you won't have any issues with the vinyl kit over those rear shock towers, mine were so tight that I ripped one and I didn't have any sound deadening material on them. Hope all is well!
  2. Car is sold! Thank you everyone here that has helped along the way! Off to her new owner.
  3. Thanks Jayman! Glad my build helped you as so many people on this forum have helped me.
  4. The Z is officially up for sale. I know one of you fine gentlemen has room in your garage for it!
  5. Oh man if my wife ever sees my stack of receipts I have hidden in the garage, I'm a dead man
  6. Anyone know what this is and if there is a way to remove it or upgrade to something better? The exposed hot leads out in the open just doesn't sit well with me, plus its ugly.
  7. Did an alternator upgrade this weekend. Got the 90amp TYC unit with an internal voltage regulator from Z Car depot. Straight forward install but bypassing the VR wiring threw my for a loop. All the diagrams I found online had different color wires than what I had. Apparently some 75' models are different than others. But after some research I found a thread by Tamo3 that helped me. Soooo thanks to you my friend! Installed
  8. Mark, are you planning on doing the 240 front end conversion? or keeping the original 280 grille?
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