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Please excuse my ignorance. :stupid:

I have been looking for a gas tank for my '72 240Z and haven't had much luck. I haven't looked all that hard, but I am wondering if this might be a good option for me.

Are there drawbacks to this sort of system? Would it be street leagal here in California? Would I be better off finding an original tank?

Thanks for the input.

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Many people have installed fuel cells into their cars (mainly for racing though). So it can be done, but there will be modifications that need to be made for it all to fit. And I'm not sure of the legallity for street use. I'd check with a few racing shops on that part of it.

As for stock tanks, the gas tank is pretty much the same for all cars from '70-'76. (I sold a tank from a '76 280 for use in a '72 240 and it worked out fine for the guy.)

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A fuel cell would most likely be legal in most states, but you might run into problems with the emissions approval in some states unless you run all the vent lines like the stock tank. CA is probably one of the states that would not allow this if any state was going to reject it....

I'd go for a used or rebuilt stock tank unless you plan on racing... A fuel cell is going to be darn expensive to get one that you can carry near the stock capacity of fuel. Probably even higher than if you could find a new stock tank. With a fuel cell you would then have to buy a sending unit for the gauge or just go around guessing how far you can go before you run out on the side of the road...

You might try one of your local Z clubs or racing clubs as someone might have a stock tank that they have replaced with a fuel cell on a race car... Then you could have it cleaned and re-sealed and have one almost as good as a new one...

I remember seeing a site that listed a new tank for a Z but they were pretty expensive if I remember correctly.:disappoin

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