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  1. I don't know if your seats have as much movement as mine but I think the seat movement is dampening the acceleration effect somewhat
  2. sorry I got that wrong, it's this one:
  3. it's the one where the words "classic car" are encased in a badge type border with horrizontal stripes angeling down in a V shape - can't find the web site (as there are heaps of mags called "Classic Car")
  4. Classic Car Jan 2004 international addition
  5. good article on this: http://auto.howstuffworks.com/turbo.htm
  6. hmm I think I did something wrong there as it went way off the scales. This place tells me mine should be 220MPH (unlikely it will ever get anywhere near that though) http://www.geocities.com/z_design_studio/
  7. Wow, that's a lot of work wor a model! Have you seen this place: http://www.allegretticars.com/ferrari250.htm
  8. Interesting you should say that, I bought a English Classic Car Mag on the way back from my new years holiday to read on the plane and it's feature article was about the 240z styling being mistaken for bigger names. I'l take some pictures and post them
  9. Ivan

    Fuel Sensor

    hmm, confused alright here's the problem in a bit more detail: - The fuel guage went full all of a sudden - I pulled the wires off and connected the two directly togeather, the fuel guage went to full - I then tried both wires individually to both sensor outputs individually, 1 of the combinations caused the guage to go full the other 3 caused it to go empty so if it gets it's earth from one of the wires it would seem that the output that caused it to go full is somehow earthed out somewhere?
  10. Ivan

    Fuel Sensor

    thank's guys, one terminal sent it to full (ground) and the other did nothing so I pretty sure the inbetween seensor / resistor? is gone.
  11. yeah I tried to clean it as well and it was so old the little metal lips broke and it wouldn't go back togeather - strange design I though but I suppose it was the 70's. I replaced it with a standard toggle switch - hard to explain how this worked, I could take a picture if you like?
  12. I've redone the whole car's wiring - that is dash, lights, winsheild wipers, indicators (still using the 240z switching unit though but that now fires a relay rather than directly to the indicators), squirter bottle, etc. (along with a new sterio, amp, speakers, subs and new engine's loom and ECU)
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