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[2014] What did you do to/with your Z today?


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I tried my hand at cleaning up the intake.

This is what it looked like before.


I cleaned it with degreaser and rinsed with denatured alcohol. (If I remember my chemistry correctly, the ethyl alcohol with mix well with any remaining water and help the water evaporate.)

Then I cleaned it with brake cleaner and a brass brush. I followed that with the redneck blasting cabinet and soda blasting. As Cliff mentioned, it takes a fair amount of baking soda, and it won't blast off too much.

I had to scrape off some of the excess grease with a razor scraper and picks. I followed that with some more brake cleaner and steel brush. Then finished with more blasting.


I use a brass wheel on the balance tube and blasted some of the other parts.


I rinsed all of the parts with water and sprayed again with denatured alcohol to remove the water quickly.




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Went to a car meet today. A guy in my age (34) started to ask me alot of questions about my 240z and then invites me to look at his car, a Ford GT he say. And Holy crap he realy got one. I had to put my arse in the drivers seat. The noise when you hit the throttle is the most angry engine/exhaust sound iv ever heard. Supercharged 950hp/1050nm. Would look great in my garage next to the Z


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Ford GT40, and it only sits a bit over 40" off the ground

The Ford GT40 was only 40 inches tall. I'm not sure if that included the Gurney hump. :)

The newer car was the Ford GT since Ford could not secure the rights to GT40. Anyway, the newer car was more than 40 inches tall.

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I got the air cleaner back from the powder coaters for the 260Z.

I'll also be getting new vacuum hoses for the brakes today and a urethane air dam tomorrow.

This is going to be a fun weekend. :)


By the way, Guy, how much horsepower will this add? ;)



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Raised the float bowls a little higher than stock a while back. Don't think it's overflowed since then but wanted to check. If all goes well (or wrong) a quick check of the Sriracha bottle will let me know if it has. Should still be plenty air for venting.

Had to swipe the bottle from the coolant overflow line though. If I eat enough burgers, should have another empty Sriracha bottle soon.

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Pop'd on new side view mirrors on the 280z.

eBay; plastic; not quite a value buy; still looks decent. About a 15-30min job. At least I'm not worrying when my side view mirrors are gonna wobble out of sight. I did a full write up on my blog, DailyDatsun.com


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Actually two days ago, took the 240Z to a local car show at an excellent venue. Of 144 registered cars three were Japanese, mine, a very nicely restored '74 260Z and a very nice '74 Toyota Celica GT.


Here is a link to a youtube presentation posted by the event organizers, if you like history you will enjoy it. You will see me arriving at 3:59, there was a wide variety of vehicles.




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Cleaned on a spare valve cover with 1000 grit sandpaper for about 3.5 hrs. Going to try 1500 grit next then go back with the scorch brite pad. Also sanded and polished on two taillights on my 93 chevy Z-71. They look brand new. Don't see why this wouldn't work on some Z taillights.

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I displayed my car today at Burlingame's "Cars in the Park", along side my neighbors 240Z. _ Our 240Z's got lots of attention and compliments. _ It was a great time, though there were fewer cars on the field this year, about 235.

Also displayed was a 2004 Ford GT 40 in Gulf Oil color scheme, a Lamborghini, a sweet BRG XKE and a very nice convertible Karman-Gia.

The rest of the field was mostly american pre-war classics, various corvettes, including two 1963 split window coupes, lot's of 60's Novas, Mopar muscle, custom cars and hot rods. _ Chrome abounded everywhere you looked.

My 72' 240Z won a small "sponsor's choice" award plaque. That's the third time in 3 years... _ Not too bad considering all the small nicks in the paint and windshield from being driven. Even had a couple people inquire about my selling it. _ There was another, fairly original looking, 1971 Series 1 240Z at the show. _ A pristine, limited edition, "cream-sickle" 914 got the best foreign car award.

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