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Mounting of the float bowl to SU body


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On my SUs, the float bowl pivots pretty easily relative to the carb body. One, more than the other. It seems strange to me that the affixment would be at just one point, so that it can in fact pivot. Is there a rationale for that?

More to the point, am I right that the bowl gets attached via a stud culminating in the nut marked in photo shown here? If so, how tight is it kosher to torque down that nut? (If I can even get at it without undoing the choke linkage.)




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Mine have the rubber as well (thanks, Blue). The photo is something I grabbed off the Internet. On the looser bowl, at rear, I was able to tighten the nut somewhat, so I guess at this point, both bowls are fairly stable. I still think it's a strange set-up and would also like to hear what Bruce has to say.

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I don't understand what the problem is. The mount is supposed to move as in a cushion mount. Tighten the nut over the lock washer over the flat washer til the nut bottoms on the shoulder of the bolt. If it's still loose it's because the rubber washer is worn out.

Now on the float bowl side, if that orientation rubber is gooey it's taken a ride thru some carb cleaner. If not gooey, then get the nut tight and let 'er ride. SU had all that stuff done with metal bushings to insure the whole thing would vibrate to pieces.....

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Thanks for the help, Blue and Bruce.

Blue, I had missed that amazing set of photos. Extremely helpful. A lot of this stuff is not at all evident in either the parts fiche or the FSM, at least to me.

The float-valve needle: I'm attaching a photo of one I just took out. No rubber tip. Do they invariably have one? Meaning this one is worn out? Or can there be a metal tip, no rubber?

Looking at my photo showing the adjacent piece also, this whole assembly is a little different from the one in Blue's pic. Square vs. round for the piece that accepts the spring.

I'm sure this is old ground; apologies.



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