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Vinyl roof anyone?


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There is a lady that belongs to our club (Z-Sport) here in San Antonio. She shows up every once in a while to a car show and brings her '70 240. It's red w/ a white vinyl top. And she's the original owner.

I'm not to keen on the vinyl tops myself. Just really a moisture trap if you ask me.

I'm trying to find a pic of this lady's car but I can't get one right now.

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I have a row of holes on a simi circle just ahead of the rear hatch. The only thing I can think of is that it must have been a vinyl top. It must have had a chrome strip on the leading edge , so the major part of the top was paint and the rest covered. That is what it seems . Glad to have the repair done and am going to paint soon I hope. :classic:

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I quite like the look of the Vinyl top. But it must be PITA when it comes to keeping it clean. We have some birds here that drop what seems to be 500 pounders so you'd have to keep the cleaners handy. Saying that, if it is in a garage most of the time then it should be in good nick. But moisture will get in if it is not well maintained.

I still dream of my 1st Zed...one day, one day.

Ho hum.

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