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fluid specs and capacities for 78 280z


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Yes, if you give her a fish, she might indeed go away. For more than a weekend.

Oh, sorry, you mean the OTHER opposite way, if YOU gave Her a fishing pole, then.... uh,... no, sorry, same result....;)

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If it has been sitting for over 10 years don't expect it to be drivable by putting new fluids in it. Sitting for a decade is pretty hard on anything in a car that relies on rubber bits.... and there are lots of them. Pretty much everything in the brake system & the fuel system will have to be systematically gone through to make it a driver.

My car sat for around a decade before I got it and here is a probably incomplete list of everything it needed to actually be a quasi-reliable car:

New front brake calipers

New rear brake cylinders

All brake flex lines

Brake master cylinder

Brake vacuum booster

Clutch master cylinder

Clutch slave cylinder

Clutch flex line

New gas tank (happened to be cheaper than boiling out the original tank)

Replaced gummed up carburetors (I'd expect your fuel injectors to be rather unhappy as well)

Fuel filter (Late 240Zs like mine have have two!)

Fuel pump.

New radiator (original had a hole, not really a common problem)

New radiator fan (original fan clutch seized solid on the first longish trip I took on a hot day)

New shocks all around, 25 year old units wouldn't clear a speed bump past walking speed.

Big ole pile of suspension bushings (honestly optional, but I wouldn't wanna drive a car on 40 year old bushings) including the differential mounts (not optional, they were torn and going to start damaging things)

New tires, the old ones turned into plastic time bombs.

Various electrical things needed refreshing, including and not limited to the turn signal switch and the headlight/wiper switch stalk and a new battery.

Also my car needed a clutch, but sitting PROBABLY wasn't the cause of that.

On top of this, this is all on my analog carbureted car, so there are more things in the fuel injection system that might need looking into, but I honestly don't know. Look to the 280Z guys for that, it's not my area of expertise!

Anyways, if I look at it strictly as a business prospect, I might have made my car worth more than the cost of the parts I put into it so I technically would come out financially on top if I sold it because labor was the low low price of busting my own knuckles and swearing a lot..... but then I'd be out a Z that I've busted my knuckles on and swore at a lot which I would find fully unacceptable :D

My heavily biased suggestion is if you're going to sell it: don't touch a thing and sell it cheap to somebody who is gonna restore it. :tapemouth

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Give a girl a fish, and she'll cook a nice dinner. Give a girl a good fishing pole, and she'll have no more use for that lying, cheating, SOB boyfriend/husband of hers. ;)

Oh, FAIW, a lot of the auto parts stores will look up fluid capacities for you (e.g. AutoZone). I'm amazed they have fluid capacities for vehicles as old as my Z, but they do -- and also much older and more obscure.

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Give a girl a fish, and she'll cook a nice dinner. Give a girl a good fishing pole, and she'll have no more use for that lying, cheating, SOB boyfriend/husband of hers. ;)

hey Fastwoman, You forgot "good for nothing"

At least I still mow the lawn and take out the garbageLOL

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Thanks!....the guy I bought this thing from said he had redone all of the bushings (front?) just before I bought it...the tires and wheels are really sharp (Panasport Racing/BFG euro T/A)....they haven't been in the daylight so "look" ok....he switched it to a five speed and I,m not sure but believe he put new header on it...it has a metal foil blanket on it...am planning on draining the gas tank and blowing the lines, new fuel filter etc....all brakes will be gone through...not sure how deep I want to go...just have to see if I'm gonna fall in love or if we are just dating.....and where did all this "fish" stuff come from?

I did download the manual and I have all the fluid info and more...

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