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  1. Obviously I do not know how to post photos correctly...sorry...guess they need to be resized
  2. Hey Guys and Gals...I'm posting pics of my 78 280Z for evaluation as the PO did a to of modifications to this car that I have no specifics about. I am thinking of selling this vehicle and would like to know if you see obvious problems. Car seem mostly rust free, lot of suspension work done(?), is now running and runs pretty well except for a slightly high idol, gas tank cleaned, new fuel pump, injectors, lines, plugs, new tires, valves adjusted, new belts, hoses, brakes as new , coolant flush etc. If you want specific pics let me know. Interior is original and needs, carpet,rubber,seats covers, and dash is cracked... Would be very interested in your comments and opinions!
  3. Learning more and more...got the 280z up on a lift today and lots of good news (in my opinion) All of the suspension seems to be as new...struts, control arms, bushings, stab bars...all were either replaced or redone...I will post some pics later.. bushings appear to be rubber as opposed to poly.....No signs of rust either. Brakes as new with new lines, wheel cyl's and calipers. Fresh brake fluid, fresh coolant...didn't power flush because of hoses and not wanting to push the radiator...Getting new tires next week...I had posted the wrong size previously....they are 225/50/15 on 15x7 Panasports..(don't know about offset) Drove it about 60 mi and seems a bit noisy...don't have any idea to compare to. Ran fine though the idle seems a bit high 1000-1100rpm. Temp gauge seems ok as does oil press and ammeter...clock not so much ...went through the entire sequence as outlined in the EFI Bible. with all values pretty much normal....was no pin on one or two...I don't have my notes with me sorry. So I'm feeling encouraged about this old babe...obviously some more sorting to do: New Belts (a/c car), exhaust hangers, all engines hoses and vac lines, cleaning engine bay. I want to get the engine area as clean and neat as possible within reason...not a show car. Needs carpet, sound deadner, seats rep'l etc. Don't think I will tackle the dash (cracked as usual). The sad part is my age and back are going to prevent me from using this car much Thanks for the help...any suggestions, comments, ideas all appreciated!
  4. Ok.... found the fuse covers, haven't found bracket yet...@Zed Head...saw the thread on your fuel rail ...cool!....but probably above my pay grade. Have you seen anything on how people restore the various metal parts like fuel rail etc in engine bay?
  5. Back again...as stated in my other posts, got the z running again...haven't had much time to evaluate further but need advice on some obvious issues: 1) Correct FPR...have read much on site and it seem that the 78 should have an FPR with one outlet and not two as mine has... Currently blocked of is the side toward the radiator. Should I replace this? are correct ones available? is the "blocked off" option dangerous? 2) Fusible links...mine are broken and covered with duct tape (PO). Are these available...need bracket too? 3) High idle...Steps to check 1,2,3 etc
  6. Also...want to post some pics of car and suspension....where and how do I do that?
  7. Never was good with math! Just spent a couple of hours reading again the FI bible...what a well written and illustrated document! Gonna go through all elec connections first, then going to replace all fuel hoses and vacuum lines. Not sure what I'm going to do with the extra out put on the fuel press. reg...haven't looked for parts yet. Glad you guys and gals haven't kicked me off. one unrelated question: do you all use a special motor oil with high zinc or other additive?....going to change all fluids, filters etc even though they have only <50 mi it has been 6 yrs. I usually use mobile 1...any concerns?
  8. Well after 9 years almost...I'm back on this project!...life. Surely wish I had re-read my own post and your replies two weeks ago as I once again took it to another mechanic ( label me stupid) This one was supposed to be very knowledgeable on these things..go ahead be harsh! So it seems that the problem was two-fold: The (1) gas tank was full of rust...so was cleaned and sealed. Car started right up (some fuel lines were replaced too). Ran very rich...which he traced to (2) oxidized coolant temp sensor plug. Damm...wished I had listened and not been so intimidated by this. Any way I drove the car home 45 mi and it seemed to run fine. Now I am going to try to sort this thing some more as I go back to the FI bible and FSM and depend on your further guidance...hopefully my sincere thanks to all
  9. Not sure right thread, but this is where search led me....I have a 78' 280z that has been more or less sitting in the garage for 17 yrs. Just got it running again. It has an older set nice panasport wheels with really nice looking BFG Eurosport 255/55 R 15 on them. No dry rot at all but some flat spotting. Vibration at 55 +. I cannot find this same size. Suggestion? What 15" are you using?
  10. Ok now for an update. just got educated by the shop I took it to...meaning expensive! Anyway the main issue in regard to this post and one I previously post yrs ago...gas tank rust and sending unit rust. He found a replacement unit somewhere, had the tank cleaned and sealed. fired right up but with lots of black smoke...he traced that problem to the corrosion on the cold run sensor( a familiar tune if I remember correctly reading in this forum). So watch for more questions as I start to sort the rest of this out myself...with forum help and guidance. I appreciate those of you who commented and offered advice! Still plan on cleaning that old sending unit.
  11. Thanks for the tip...will try... and report
  12. OK Thanks...I am going ahead with the gas tank, clutch, valve adj...he says the sending unit is available...hope he is right. Do have the old one though if necessary. Was able to see the car from underneath for the first time today and it seems the previous owner did tell me the truth: The car is very solid through out and he did what he said he did...new struts(? type and brand), new hd sway bars front and rear, new bushings all around, headers of some type and larger exhaust pipe, Sooo thankful for no rust!!! I want to post some pics: suggestions on specific spots of most interested? Should have it running in about a week after the gas tank comes back. Grateful for all suggestions.
  13. Trying once again to get this thing on the road again. as I am no mechanic, I have in the hands of a shop. I am trying to get some idea of what is fair $$. What should I expect to pay to get fuel tank boiled, cleaned and sealed? And what should I expect to pay for a sending unit? The tank is rusty for sure. know nothing in re to sending unit. Also says clutch master and slave need replacement. It seems the slave was replaced about 3 yrs ago, but has been sitting all that time. Valve adjustment??
  14. Hey...saw this on Leno's Garage...'ARCHOIL"....anyone here have any experience with it?
  15. You might try a full line graphic arts supply store...a company named Chart-Pak used to make chrome mylar tape in all different widths...