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fluid specs and capacities for 78 280z


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I have done a little searching today and I cannot find any specs for the various fluids for my 280z. This car has been sitting in my garage for over 10 years now and I need to get it running and possibly sell it.

I need to know engine oil spec and amount

trans oil, clutch cyl fluid?, differential oil...etc

some of the other threads on cleaning gas tank and adding filter were very helpful....

any other suggestions are welcome.




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Transmission Fluid

70-76 Man 1.5 litres 3.13 pints

77-83 Man 1.7 litres 3.63 pints

70-83 Auto 5.5 litres 11.75pints

Engine Oil

70-78 4.7 litres 5 quarts

79-83 4.5 litres 4.75 quarts (turbo is 5.5 quarts)

Differential Oil

70-74 1 litre 2.13 pints

75-83 1.3 litres 2.75 pints


70-74 60 litres 15 7/8gal

75-78 65 litres 17.25gal

79-83 80litres 21.12gal


70-73 9.9 litres 10.5 quarts

74-75 9.4 litres 10 quarts

76-78 10.4 litres 11 quarts

79-83 10.5 litres 11.12 quarts

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