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Add on air on a 240Z


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Good evening everyone,

I was hoping to get some opinions from the members of the group. I am redoing a 1973 240z, that currently has an add on AC system, similar to the dealer installed units, except with a Sanden 134R compressor. My question is should I leave it in place , or remove it and weld up the holes? I currently have the engine out and the engine compartment stripped, in preparation to repaint, so this is the time to do it. Do you guys feel the AC adds or detracts from the value of the car? I seldom use AC, even in my daily driver, so for me it is of little value, but it may be of value to the next owner, I'm just not sure, so I am asking the experts. If it was your car what would you do? If you were a buyer, which would you be looking for, with or without AC?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer,


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Thanks to those who responded, I would have thought there would have been stronger opinions on this subject. As far as selling it, I might be interested, if I decide to remove it. The system is in good condition and should only require a new receiver drier.

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For me, A/C is a plus. As for the extra weight....it helps hold the front end down at highway speeds and doesn't keep you from attaining speed far above the legal limits. I've had A/C on my '71 Z since 1972.


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I have a 73 too, which I've had since new. My only regret is that I didn't get the dealer installed air. At the time I a) couldn't afford it, and B) didn't want to hurt performance. Almost 40 years later, I'm seriously considering installing a modern A/C unit. If I was looking for another old Z I would certainly consider a working A/C system a plus.

If you opt to not re-install the system, I suggest that you keep it and not weld the holes. Leave this option up to a future owner.


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This was the question I was going to ask today. I had removed my dealer installed AC unit from my 05/72 240Z but am now in the process of refurbishing the unit to better then new condition with a full polish and paint. Does anyone know what type of hose clamps A R A used with their kits sold to the dealers to install? Were they the wire hose clamp style used throughout the engine bay? my guess is that they are something else.

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