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'71 240Z almost done

70 240z

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:classic:Getting closer, hopefully only another few weeks and I'll be out on the road. My cousin who owns serveral MG's and a Bug Eye sprite came over this evening and helped get the SU's tuned in as best we could with open headers on the car.

I'm still waiting on a few panels from the body shop, and a replacement seat cover for the one I ordered that had the stiching comming out of it. And I of course still need an exhaust and new side mirrors for the car.

Pictures so far through the Journey. http://s756.photobucket.com/albums/xx206/wvmiata/

Oh and I didn't take the car for a spin as it sits in the picture to see how quick it goes under acceleration. Of course if I did I would tell you how amazing it felt to zip down the road.:classic:

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The orange is a '64 GMC truck color called Omaha Orange. We then used some house of kolor gold flake in the first coat of clear to give it a nice twinkle in the light.

We laid the paint as follows, a Yellow tinted primer, then the orange, Clear with flake next, and 2 more coats of clear over the flake.

We still need to wet sand and buff, once I get the rest back in place.

Its been a blast so far.

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WOW!! That engine bay is STUNNING!!

That alone was worth the price of admission.

But what I liked best was the giant flow-thru air vent where the

hatch used to be. With an innovation like that, who needs A/C?

All Z Best,.................................Kathy & Rick

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Well I got the inspection sticker this morning, and Drove it to work. Still got a few little demons to work out of the system. Starts sputtering a little when you get around 4500 rpms. I've got the distributer turned as far as it will go, so I need to drop the oil pump and move it another tooth, I'm hoping that is what is causing the sputter, any ideas?

Also, Went throught the engine last night and checked and adjusted the hot valve clearences. I'm still getting some tapping noise in the system. is this normal or am I missing something?

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The engine bay picture is intoxicating. Nice!

I love that you added that touch of "a little something special" with the lower rad hose on the manifold, and thermostat gasket on the SU, and the yellow golf tee in the vent line! Perfect! :)



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