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  1. If you had a car that was rusting away this would be pretty nice. Wonder how much lighter it is that the Steel tubs on real z's
  2. I was out driving the other night and I noticed someone keeping pace along side of me, so I turned to look and it was a guy in a Jeep asking if mine used to be white. Said he had one setup like mine but was white years ago. Although mine started out gold. I love this car.
  3. I found the problem with the engine today, seems that when I put the head back on I got the cam off by one tooth. I corrected the problem and the car is running fantastic. Pulls hard all the way through the revs. I had a blast today. Now I just need to finish up the other little tasks.
  4. Enjoy, nothing like that feeling of working and working and finally getting to hit the open road. Of course now I'm chasing quirks, but thats another story. Glad to see another back on the road.
  5. Didn't get a chance to pull the floats and check them today, spent the day cleaning the garage instead. But I did take some updated photos that I thought I would share.
  6. That is the ceiling, once I hit it won't go beyond. I visited a guy a little while ago and just listening to it at idle he said that the timing needed some advance. So I'm gonna move my distributer gear one tooth when I get home and hit it with a timing light to see where I'm at.
  7. You gotta add all those little touches just so that yours is unique. I'll get more pictures over the weekend, with all the body panels on. At least all but the grill and the taillight surrounds.
  8. Well I got the inspection sticker this morning, and Drove it to work. Still got a few little demons to work out of the system. Starts sputtering a little when you get around 4500 rpms. I've got the distributer turned as far as it will go, so I need to drop the oil pump and move it another tooth, I'm hoping that is what is causing the sputter, any ideas? Also, Went throught the engine last night and checked and adjusted the hot valve clearences. I'm still getting some tapping noise in the system. is this normal or am I missing something?
  9. Help, I've looked through the Shop manual to no end and cannot find the spec for the torque for the cam towers. I'm working on a stock 71 240z head. Someone please help, I'm hoping to get everthing back together tonite. Thanks in advance, Rob Kemper
  10. Someone please tell me there is an easy way to get the chrome trim back around my rear window. I gained way to many gray hairs trying to get it reinstalled on my front window, I'm sure someone has a neat trick to get it back in. Thanks,
  11. I'm kinda partial to a nice bright orange myself.
  12. on a stock 2.4 block with E88 head will the valves hit the pistons if you rotate the crank indepently from the cam?
  13. Finally got the exhaust installed last night. I posted a link to the video on Photobucket. I've got MSA 3-2-1 Headers with the MSA Performance exhaust. http://s756.photobucket.com/albums/xx206/wvmiata/?action=view&current=DSCN0368.flv Should have the remaining three body panels tomorrow, then I'll go get it inspected.
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