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    i own a
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  1. 1sick240

    Anyone have a heater control panel - 71?

    i have one
  2. 1sick240

    SSR wheels? Rare?

    if they are original and say "japan" on back yes they are worth money and are rare. here is the problem they make repro SSR wheels so jus make sure they are original
  3. 1sick240

    HEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!! car has no power

    Thanks steve!!
  4. Steve, i can flinstone my car i have been working on floor pans so if you have a grinder and a welder can you bring that too. and if you know any one who has front fenders headlight buckets and a lip selling for cheap that would come in handy. call me if you want to know more .770-843-8734 :ogre:
  5. im going but i wont have the car ready unless someone wants to trailor it up there
  6. where can i buy POR-15 locally like wat stores sell it?
  7. wats goin on steve?

  8. 1sick240

    Need new slider control knobs

    i have a brand new set from nissan still in the package you can have for $20
  9. 1sick240

    '71 240Z almost done

    thats awesome great work!
  10. 1sick240

    My Car

    thats sik!
  11. 1sick240

    Hows this for custom pipes??? Heh Heh

    got to love bosozoku
  12. 1sick240

    I'm Bringing Back Tha Twin Stacks ^_^ !

    i have the same exaust on mine bought it like that
  13. 1sick240

    HEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!! car has no power

    where is the fusible link in my car?
  14. i have a brand new battery in my 71 240z but nothing at all in my car is getting power please help this problem has takin 2 YEARS of my time and i still cant figure it out.

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