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Rear Hatch Louvers


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23 minutes ago, Rob1972 said:

Yes they fit a 240...



Long term plan is to go with Candy Red with black and chrome accents.  Would I be pimped out if I chromed the louvres?  Opinions?

i think pimped out is an understatement

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Yeah, it was just a mental blip that zoomed through my little head. I'm not a pimp. Really.

But I love those louvres, Sean.  Nice work, I will follow your refresh on them, as mine jump around too. I have a receipt for them from 1979...$99.00


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One thing I forgot to mention, is that the driver's side holes where the hinge mounting screws went into the hatch, had enlarged over time, likely due to movement or vibration. So I tapped all the holes in the hatch and installed slightly larger diameter screws. I also applied silicone before fully tightening the screws to hopefully eliminate water ingress down the threads. The hinges are now tightly secured to the hatch.

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On 5/10/2017 at 6:54 AM, sweatybetty said:

on the louver topic, my crack dealer has a set of louvers for the rear side windows. they are plastic, and held on with small studs and double-sided tape. anyone seen these before?

here is a pic


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Bringing this back from the grave but anyone know the part number or who to contact

for new latches? i recently bought a 260z which came with the louvers but my bottom 

locking "latches" dont work, it seems that the locking mechanism is long gone and 

i also dont have the key to lock it with. It keeps hitting really hard agaisnt my glass 

whenever i close the rear hatch so for now i removed them but id really like to put

it back on. Anyone know who to contact or any sort of help with this would be 

greatly appreciated. 



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