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  1. Got to take out most of my interior so i can restore it.
  2. Bringing this back from the grave but anyone know the part number or who to contact for new latches? i recently bought a 260z which came with the louvers but my bottom locking "latches" dont work, it seems that the locking mechanism is long gone and i also dont have the key to lock it with. It keeps hitting really hard agaisnt my glass whenever i close the rear hatch so for now i removed them but id really like to put it back on. Anyone know who to contact or any sort of help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. was hoping to wait it out till some time next year but im also having some tranny and oil pan leak issues as well, so looks like its going to be something thats going to be sooner than i thought.
  4. So im having a hard time figuring out these carbs. I just cant seem to get the mixture correct. Is there anyone local to NYC that knows how to tune these or knows of a shop that can tune these type of carbs. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Please dont tell me to ditch them and get the old round top carbs. I have no intent of buying any old carbs since ill be looking to rb swap later on in the future. Thank you
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