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Third times the charm

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Hi. Just pulled my newly purchased '72 in my car port today. Its still got the factory lime green paint on it, and is in pretty fair, all original shape.

I guess its some kind of disease.

I have previously owned two other 240's:

'73 modified with webers, a hot cam, flares and the air dam.

'72 all original

Anyway, I look forward to chit chatting with a few of you about my passion.


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Actually, I bought it from a guy in the Phoenix area for 3k who just didnt have the time or money to finish it. It had a carb fire and it sat for 8 years. Even though the paint looks nice in the photo, there is a spot on the hood where it is cracked and peeled from the heat that will need to be repainted (not sure how much I'll have to have painted to blend in). Hopefully it wont be hard to match the original color. The guy replaced all the master cyl's and brake lines and all that (and had several thousand bucks in receipts that he passed along). The only thing left to replace from the fire is the windshield washer unit and lines. Interior is pretty good - absolutely perfect dash, seats good except two small seam tears in the drivers seat (always had seat covers on it). The plastic console piece is cracked where someone torqued on the choke too hard. It seems nearly rust free except a couple of little bubbles on the passenger side rocker panel. I'm praying that is minor. Bumpers, everything else is nearly perfect. Engine is stock, including the carbs. The guy put some straight pipes on it that are extremely loud, so I may need to put some flowmasters on it or something. The only real annoyances are the exhaust leaks in the cab (I think all my Z's have had that issue), and the hatch latch is stuck and I can't get it open, and the drivers door latch regulator (on the door itself) doesnt work, so the door wont stay latched. I've been looking hard online for the parts, but havent had much luck. When I lived in Oregon there was a junk yard of nothing but Z's in Gresham, but learned on this list that they closed down and crushed them all. What a bummer! Oh yeah, and the dash lights don't work, not sure why yet.

Anyways, yeah, it is what it is. All in all, I'm pretty happy with it so far, although now that the snow is on the ground here in Montana, I can't drive it until the spring.... so I'll have plenty of time this winter to tinker with it I guess.


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