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Datsun Scarab Info


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Does anyone have any more info on the Datsun Scarab?. I am after specs, production no's and any copys of actual ads or litriture from the people who make the Scarab conversion. The reson for this is I am tring to get it homoligated to run in our sports car series in Australia and the need proof that enough cars were made and what the engine,gearbox etc spec were. Any Info would be of great help



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I have been collecting information for about 1 year now and can get most info first hand. My father and uncle were the original engine builders for Brian Scarab in the 1970's. There respective shops were back to back in Campbell, CA.

Basic progression started out with Chevy 350 Crate motors, with a Warner T-10 Tranny, custom Drive line and Radiator connected to a T-Bird rear end. Some minor Suspension mods and custom motor mounts were fabricated as well.

Later versions of the engine were more performance oriented and included up to a Twin Turbo 280z clocked at well over 170 mph in So. CA. The Scarab car was either custom built (the owner supplied the car to Brian for Mods) or a kit could be purchased for self-modification.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

-Andy Tencati

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There are 3 Scarabs that were made for production (if you wanna call it that.) One of them just disappeared the face of the earth. There are only 2 existing according to Hoover Chan.

Hoover owned one of the original Scarab. I got to ride in it at a Hybridz meet in San Leandro, CA. It was his last drive before he sold it to someone out of the CA state.

Each car had the builders signature'(s). I'm sure you can find some pictures at Hybridz.org

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I purchased a 1973 240 Z scarrab about 3 years ago. I have the documentation on where it had been sent to california in 1978 for the modifications. I'm not sure if this is a production model or not. I would appreciate any information you could supply me with.

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Here's some info. If you need more just ask specific questions and I will dig up answers for you.

Founder of Scarab Engineering: Brian Morrow

Meaning of Scarab: Egyptian symbol of longevity and rebirth.

Company startup: January 1976

Owner of Scarab #1: Joseph Morrey

Number of production cars built: 200 to 300, Kits were also sold for around $1200.

Cost for conversion: $7,950 (1976)

Standard conversion upgrades: too many to list

I can cut and past the list if you want.

Options; Again, too many to list, can cut and paste as well

Scarab also put together a turbo version in 1980 (0-60 in 5.1 seconds) Cost: $35,000

Undoing of Scarab: Emissions Standards and recession of the early '80's

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Originally posted by zr240

The reson for this is I am tring to get it homoligated to run in our sports car series in Australia and the need proof that enough cars were made and what the engine,gearbox etc spec were. Any Info would be of great help




I think you may be pushing it uphill on this. For similar reasons that preclude the use of triple carbs. in Historic Racing.

Homlogation is provided by the factory, whereas Scarab was private concern. If they did have the body homlogated then it would be available thru the FIA, ask CAMS first for any further info.


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Here is most of it. I didn't brake down pricing, just listed what you got or coukd get:

Standard Features:


• Balanced, blueprinted Chevy 350 (300hp) smallblock with electronic ignition

• specially designed cross-flow radiator

• high-performance water pump

• flex fan to cool the 22-quart-capacity system

• Borg Warner Super T-10 4 speed with special Hurst competition shifter linkage

• complete exhaust system with a pair of glasspack mufflers


• Koni adjustable shocks

• front and rear sway bars

• Teflon compression strut bushings

• high-performance rack and pinion mounts

• and springs by Scarab

• torque control arm, it is essentially a quarter-inch-thick piece of steel bent into a U shape, with about 3/8” of rubber laid in the bottom of the U. Scarab installed it from beneath the front differential mount, bolting front and back into holes tapping into the metal framework of the differential insulator. The torque control arm minimized the forces on the mount and on the front end of the differential itself without totally eliminating the cushioning effects of the insulator like a solid mount would.


• Disc/Drum (power) with HP pads/shoes or optional FIA 4 piston calipers

• Later cars could be had with four-wheel discs, and those with drum brakes could have optional finned cast-iron drums


• Door panels are soundproofed and covered in glove soft, hand-sewn Scottish leather

• Momo leather steering wheel

• Seats were re-padded and covered in Scottish leather and velour to match the door panels and console lid

• Deep pile carpeting


• Trans-Am front air dam, rear Trans-Am spoiler

• Twin exterior rally mirrors

• louvered hood and access panels

• Scarab logo with associated emblems

• high-speed driving lights

• All exterior Datsun badging was removed from the Scarab factory cars: the low production volume of these vehicles was highlighted by Scarab factory-specific badging that included raised Scarab lettering to replace the Datsun front fender nameplates, and Scarab Performance black-and-gold rectangular decals in the lower left corner of the windshield and the lower right corner of the rear hatch glass

heavy gold medallions containing the Egyptian Scarab Beetle emblem

Optional Features:

• Drivetrain:

• 350 SB (325 or 370hp naturally aspirated)

• Turbo (425hp)

• automatic transmission

• Limited slip differentials in R-180 or R-200


• four-wheel discs

• finned cast-iron drums


• Recaro contoured, reclining bucket seats with headrests

• 12 coats of hand-rubbed lacquer


• whale tail

• reverse scoop hood with side fender louvers

• rectangular headlights

• flared fender packages

• rear window shade


• Cromodora Turbina wheels

• Campagnolo or Appliance Wheels

• BBS wheels

• Pirelli CN36 tires

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