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  1. Yer I couldn't get hold of the body kit for a while as it was expensive to get it out of japan. I kept an eye out and someone imported the kit into Aus and then decided to on sell it. The car has my old race cars race motor and I am trying to get the stickers and such as close to original as I can. the front spoiler/ flair combo isnt 100% but at this sage its close enough for me. I think chasing up t correct motor would be impossible and if not too much money. I think it will sound and look pretty correct so it as close as i will get to driving/racing owning a works car Ash
  2. I know this has been a while but finnaly building my take on the works car
  3. zr240

    crashed z2

    its coming back with a rb25det motor to race in 2a sportscars (aus class) Ash
  4. Noooo dont sell it just lock it away for a few yrs. I had a little girl 2yrs ago now and I considered selling my 240z race car (in bits as it was damaged) but thankfully I didnt and now I am slowly rebuilding it when I need a little break from all the fun and games of parenting Ash
  5. not a prob gav I will let you know when the first set are off the mold. Should be before friday. Ash
  6. OK guys I finally got a price for the flairs and the first set will be completed on by friday. They are $240 a set and are direct copy of a set I purchased from Japan (they cost me $300 not including shipping) I will be keeping a set in stock so there will be no wait to get them when someone wants them. If you want a set PM me email me at zr240@hotmail.com Also I have the fairlady Z badges forsale I only have a limited no. as the mold didnt last long they are $35 ea or $60 for 2 Ashley
  7. just to let everyone know the 2+2 to 2 seater door conversion dosent work! the angle on the rear of the door is a few degrees different. O w well it was worth a shot as I only stuffed a crappy 2+2 door. Ash
  8. whole door! about 1/4 way along the door from the front. bit ambitious I know but I will post some pics of the finished product if anyone is interested. because I dont run windup windows the inner isnt that critical as long as the skin can be joined well enough. Ash
  9. Im cutting down a 2+2 260z door for my race car. needs about 10cm taken out of the length. Ash
  10. zr240


    Hi I have to say I know how you feel!!! At least its just a door and a bit of body. I have to reshell mine. I am going to cut down a 2+2 door for to repair mine car. I think the left side of orange 240zeds are a taget!! Ash
  11. My old konis are great for circuit racing and they are the take out to adjust type (which is a pain in the ase but I never adjust them anyway). My brother paid around $1000 (for all 4) for his new style konis that had the adjustable dampening at the top and they were really good aswell. So I would think going to the dearer option wouldn't be worth the money for a road/ occasional track car Gav. Your better spending the extra money on some better sway bars and springs. Ash
  12. Mike do you still have the koni's? If so do you want to sell em? Thanks Ash
  13. Hi I have a set of triple 40s with manifod and linkages of my 240z for sale A$1000.00 in Victoria Ash
  14. Its set up to run on Avgas but would tke much to change the jets to run on optimax as I have run it on this before and its resonable. Sorry not selling the brakes Ash
  15. Hi all I am thinking of selling my race motor. Its a L28 2.9l with approx 300hp, F54 block, P90 head. only done 8 laps round sandown since rebuild. This engine is a serious race engine. Head has been ported. new valves, seats and guides. 74 deg works cam, adjustable cam wheel. New flat top pistons and rings, custom harmonic ballancer, lighted/ dowled flywheel with new racing clutch and heavy duty pressure plate. high flow l28T oil pump etc etc. ++++ Also included are the triple 45 webbers and manifold to suit the motor. This is an ecellent reliable race motor and I will be sad to part with it but unfortunatly I have to. Car does 1.47 round Phillip Island with this motor!!! (quicker than Sinishas turbo RB Z!!!!!) $5000 Ash zr240@hotmail.com
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