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Choke Knobs


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Hi all,

I'm in the process of tooling up for a production run of "choke" knobs.

I do however have a dilema as both of my samples are different.

Can anyone tell me from which model/year/market either of these came from?

[sorry about the detail, it's the shape I'm concerned about].

Are there any other different knobs?





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The more narrow knob is for a 260z & the wider one is for a 240z. '70 & early '71 knobs have the same shape as the wide one but connect differently to the cable. I don't know how as I've never really worked on an early 240. Isn't the connection to the cable the same on those knobs you have pictured? Maybe that's how you got it in your car. Previous owner broke the original, the other one worked, so in it went.

Of course, I'm referring to the US market.

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After 1971, Datsun moved the ashtray and had to make a whimpy choke mechanism that everyone is having problems with; I mean a real POS. The 1970 and 1971 choke mechanism is beefy as hell and almost never breaks. In 1972 and after, they moved the choke knob to the side of the console, causing it to crack the console all the time. Install lots of steel and epoxy to fix it. Make those choke knobs out of aluminum, no kidding.

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The choke knob on the left is 18415-N3401 or 3601 from 8/73, I believe. The one on the right could be 18415-E4101, E8700, or E8800 from 9/71 to 7/73. One says CHOKE, the other is just the symbol and the part numbers are different between Canada and USA cars. I have no reference to other export variants or the domestic.

18415-E4100 is the early choke knob Kats is talking about. It is unobtanium, the set screw is different, and the mechanisms are also different. There are 11 different part numbers for the mechanism.

The choke knob on the left is for mechanism 18410-N3602 or N3403 for Canadian cars. The choke knob on the right could fit in a 18410-E8800 up to 1/72 or E8802 from 1/72 to 6/72 or N3300 from 7/72 to 2/73.

The original assembly 18410-E4401 is the choke / throttle mechanism only good up to 1/70. It was replaced by E4601 which came in two variants - braided wire cable and they were replaced with solid wire.

I understand the width of the levers is different between models and it affects the slot in the choke plate on the console, but I have yet to document this with my own eyes.

Hope this helps! CW-

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Early ('70 and '71) knobs take a different size set screw than later knobs. I believe the early set screw is smaller in diameter.

You are correct and I'm missing my screw from my '70 and have had a difficult time finding a replacement thus far. :(

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