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Ebay Australia, "modified" 240z

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240z with the roof cut off, capri tail lights, V8 etc,etc, on ebay for stupid amounts of money.

Spending 50G's on a car doesnt mean the car is worth anywhere near what was spent on it.

(Warning, z purists may be offended)


tell him he's dreaming ROFL

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The Castle!!!!!

i dont know how anybody could massacre such a nice looking car. i wonder if body strengthening means anything to him?!


PS: GEEEEES, i still cant believe how you could bring yourself to do such a thing. convertible looks ok, but the dash and rear lights look much to out of place for my liking.

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I'd love to know what goes through people's minds before they decide to do this, especially considering a Cobra replica is about 50 grand.

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Ive seen pictures of convertible 240z that look good but this is ugly and what better dash can u get than a 240z its a classic

all that money spent and he puts the V8 in on normal style engine mounts thought everyone who considered a v8 z had read jags that run book which shows u how to mount a chev well back in the engine bay

more money than thought here

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Gee you blokes are hard :ermm:

Would not be my favourite convertible conversion but its not too bad, for the right price of course :) The dash is a personal thing, my preference is the S130 dash over the S30. Some of the 'modern' features make it look a bit off, the wheels for example.

As far as engine placement goes, from what view is available the distributor is close to the firewall, unlike most other cars the S30 does not need the engine hard back against the firewall to get good weight distribution. Unless its a fair bit heavier than the L series donk.

But yeh, the money he is asking is ridiculous :P

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It isn't about weight distribution (well sort of) if the V8 is placed where it is on this car, the bump steer is extreme...the dist. should be approx. less than 1" from firewall, with fabricated engine mounts and hood latch. I have known someone who had one and the bumpsteer / steering response just sucks in this position.

No, it isn't close enough to the firewall...it it was, it would need a fabricated hood latch...it appears to have the stock hood latch, which is in the way when you have the motor back.

I'm not a v8 fan (in a Zed) though, so I'll shut up.

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