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  1. A noticable difference is that the Fairlady had a 130hp L-20 OHC 6 cyl engine and a 5-speed option. As well the fairlady had a 160hp S-20 (DOHC) 6 cyl version called the Z432 (Very Rare)!
  2. alg


    I agree with beandip! My dad's a professional welder and even though I had watched him weld countless times, it still took alot of practice to do it well! I also took welding in college as part of the Aircraft Skin and Structural Repair program, and a welding course/program will teach you alot of what you need to know. Most important of all being safety! Thin metal welding is very tricky, just like aluminium welding! Too much heat and you're burning big holes in your floors, not enough and your welds aren't strong. Many different factors to take into consideration. Alex
  3. I still remember one night back in 2003 when I destroyed a new WRX with my RX-7 (racing from 60km/h), that guy was pissed. 40G's for his WRX and he couldn't beat a shitty late 80's FC3S! Good Times!
  4. Your Rear Quarter just looks dented in not twisted and mashed up, it can be saved by an old school bodyman with a right set of hammers and dollies. My dad's an old school bodyman (Artizen) and I've seen him fix up quarter panels far worse than yours. Alot of other guys will just drill holes in the quarter panel, pull the dent as best they can and bondo it. (I may have done this once or twice, but I'm not saying!) Hope all goes well, good luck! Alex P.S. This summer I'm spending time working with my dad and I hope to learn some old school Bodyman technics!
  5. At least you guys can work on your cars, I've been working overseas the last 20 months. When I get home in july I've gotta give my baby a lot of a TLC before starting her up and taking her out (at least a day in the garage anyway).
  6. alg

    Electric Tach

    Not to mention that in 1985 there was no 280Z!
  7. I don't know much about nissan computers (I'm kinda a Toyota guy), but I don't think that an L20ET computer and AFM will run an L28E engine (at all or properly). You may need an aftermarket ECU or it may be better to get an L28ET computer and AFM.
  8. When Riveting: (Shank or Stem) not sure of technical word You should inspect the old rivets on the vin plate so you can replace them with ones that are the right spec! I think the vin plate is held on by POP rivets. Pop rivets are not conventional solid rivets, they have a center shank(stem) that can be knocked out with a pin punch and hammer, you must then drill out the rivet. You should do some practice riveting and rivet removal (to get the hang of it) before doing it on your dash! You probably don't have a punch set so you would have to use something else with the same diameter. Be gentle when knocking out the center shank so you don't damage the plate. Once the shank is out you must match up the size of the hole with a drill bit, the drill bit must be a little bigger than the hole to compensate for the outer shank wall thickness. Use a soft metal drill bit. Be gentle when drilling, go threw the rivet once and see how much of the shank is left, drill threw again if needed. Once the shank is gone the top and bottem part of the rivet should come off easily. This proccess if done correctly will not enlarge the original rivet holes in the dash. When installing new rivets: The rivets you install must have a few thou clearance when you put them in the hole (rivet must be a little smaller than the hole), because rivets expand in the hole when riveted. A tight fitting rivet may damage your VIN plate hole once riveted. I hope this helps you. Good Luck! Alex
  9. 140Z & 160Z The Early Z cars where not offered in South Africa, I'm not sure why EXACTLY. My dad used to say that in the Seventies, most people wanted to drive very economical cars. Engine sizes were very small and regular cars were always 4DR sedans or hatchbacks. 2DR coupes were extremely rare unless they were sports cars! South Africa never had muscle cars, and sports cars were usually small engined European ones! Sports cars in SA where very expensive and high end! Only the rich (well to do) could afford them, further more only a very small percentage of the South African population could afford cars at that time as well! Later on Nissan offered the ZX cars in South Africa, but in very limited numbers! They are collectable but not very popular. The 140 and 160Z were very well received in the South African market! They may not be true (S30) Z's, but in South Africa they're real and had alot of sports car goodies that the 120Y or B210 models didn't have. They were cool, 2DR, fun to drive and much cheaper to buy, maintain and run than other Sports cars of the time period. I think if Nissan South Africa created the 140/160Z, they would have got approval from Nissan Japan before doing so. That would make the 140/160Z REAL! These days the 140Z and 160Z are becoming very rare and desireable. In two weeks I'll be in South Africa and I've had my dad looking for a Z or a Bluebird-U, but no luck so far. Alex (South African Indian)
  10. There's alot of stupid crap like that out there! I think the punch line is "Why spend a ton of money installing a turbo when you can put this in for only a couple a bucks and have people think your car is really fast." Something like that! There are alot of guys out there will would love to have one of those things on there car, it makes them feel cooler. Its like when alot of guys put so many stickers on there cars that show a list of mods/accesseries, but in actual fact they have little or no mods/accesseries at all. "The stickers and the turbo sound make them go faster." Haha Haha!
  11. Fred did an awsome job, that Z definately turns quite a few heads! Its a work of ART!
  12. If you watch Initial D, they're on the 86 and later in the series they apear on the FC. Yeah I know, what does a cartoon have to do with real life? I think its cool, and maybe thats why they're becoming more and more popular. Not too mention more and more expensive. They're definately worth it though! Alex.
  13. Nice, those wheels would clean up good. I'm looking for similiar wheels for my FC. Too bad they're the wrong size and bolt pattern!
  14. Its startling when you realize how many people there are like that! Its like when you speak to a little kid and they have no idea whats a record. They just give you a blank look!
  15. Definately great value for money. Have fun!
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