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  1. I've checked over the 240Z that won Bejing-Paris a couple of years ago, it was basically a standard car enhanced by using technically superior materials and with a ferocious attention to detail, something that Japan would approve of. It's not always about using advanced systems, in this case it was just about building a near perfect car without changing any of the original systems. Which in itself is an enormous tribute to the original design.
  2. It's always great to see a bunch of Z cars together on a race track, at last count there were 54 Z's entered for Bathurst later this year.
  3. Don't quite understand why what the factory used back in the day, way back in the day, is still apparently considered to be the ultimate. There are successful Z cars around of recent build that have been built with what works now.
  4. The bar that goes forward through the dash near the centre is what I'm wondering about.
  5. Where does that diagonal bar that the guy is resting his arm on end up at the front? Cool? looking vent setup.
  6. Sounds like a good DVD to have, pity that they want to slug me $17 postage.
  7. Very timely thanks, my project Z31 circuit car will be painted in those tribute colours and that pic fills in a big blank.
  8. Don't follow F1 much but there was some discussion recently about special air extracting wheels and their legality, guess that it's one of those mysterious black art devices.
  9. Probably the best quality video featuring a S30 that I've seen.
  10. That GTU car with 15 inch rear wheels sure looked effective, I'd ask BS how much to hire it for a day.
  11. Me in aero expert ☺️ mode, the vents at the top of the front guards would work but lots of drag and the rotating wheels would tend to pull air away from them. Much better to have vents behind the front wheels for less drag and the wheels would act positively. If there were diffusers in front of the wheel area they should work better too.
  12. No problem dude, I don't need your keys to get her runnin down the highway.
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