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  1. Look at that left front wheel roll over on the 280ZX above, bet that the rear wheel angles would be 'interesting' too :)
  2. Was it later on that the Z31 2+2's longer wheelbase was preferred for racing? That pic shows to me that the 2+0's rear axle should have been pushed back a touch.
  3. What, a break down special? At least the steering wheel is on the *right* side, he he.
  4. Check out the rear spoiler on that Z31, just shows how much drag can be tolerated to get vital downforce.
  5. Pro tip LOL. shift those industrial size batteries into the boot, might reduce that front end plough.
  6. That inner section would consist of the perimeter only going by what can be seen in those photos. For any weight savings to be worthwhile care has to be taken to use the bare minimum amount of material, the bonnet on my 280ZX is a nice piece of Japanese work, light but stiff enough. A lot of Ebay type gun and run parts offer no weight saving at all.
  7. The aero on that 280ZX looks like it was designed for Le Mans or a similar high speed track.
  8. It's strange that Datsun would dump a well worn Z on them for a prominent race like Le Mans. Strange too that Haller did not ensure that the car was in good nick, I get all anal about preparing for a few hot laps.
  9. Obviously I'm referring to the situation at hand, I'm not here to lay down general rules so I stand by what I said. If every driver did "take care of what is relevant to you and get on with the job" then the situation here could well have had a better result. But what happened here began with a unthinking reflex response by one driver that escalated to involve Morton. Yet he is to blame?
  10. Your're just pissed because Morton passed a couple of P.orkers . What the Chevron was faced with is irrelevant, if you want to change your line then you give way, it's that simple. But if we have to get verbose then Morton had enough open track in front of him and was driving accordingly, it was the Chevron which without taking account of Morton created an inevitable collision situation. Morton was racing as he should have been, it's not up to him to observe everything that's going on and then try to anticipate what may or may not happen. You take care of what is relevant to you and get on with the job. Racing is selfish, it's not like cruising in a road car where consideration of others is good.
  11. Still four stud wheels, they had to have special axles and hubs, the stock ones would have broken just getting the Z off the trailer. Does look great, the S30 wore wide wheels so much better than the 911 did.
  12. Seeing that we are doing tribute Z's, there are some stills at the intro of this vid, fast well driven car too, no show pony..
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