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  1. Me in aero expert ☺️ mode, the vents at the top of the front guards would work but lots of drag and the rotating wheels would tend to pull air away from them. Much better to have vents behind the front wheels for less drag and the wheels would act positively. If there were diffusers in front of the wheel area they should work better too.
  2. No problem dude, I don't need your keys to get her runnin down the highway.
  3. A L6 would get lost on that tri-oval
  4. Interested in the radiator opening size, certainly would reduce drag compared with stock, it's a feature lacking on most modern race Z's I've noticed. Makes me feel better about the slightly larger but similarly located opening that my race Z31 project has so i hope that pic wasn't taken mid winter.
  5. More 80's, this time at the great (I've raced on it) Philip Island circuit, way out there somewhere is the South Pole.
  6. Some where, some time, in Australia. Love the signs.
  7. He was driving it like a proper race car driver drives too but it seemed down on power, compared with the opposition anyway.
  8. It's so nice we can look at it twice? Anyway, great pic, tyre distortion shows she is pulling some G's but car looks very composed. Of all the racing Z's the 280ZX turbo would be my choice for a circuit drive.
  9. No, you cannot take it for a 'test drive'.
  10. 260DET

    Doing laps *incar videos*

    John Morton at 76, a pretty tidy drive.
  11. 260DET

    Brock at the Blackhawk

    "BRE had upset the facade of European motorsport superiority" Something that certain euro boys find difficult to acknowledge even today.
  12. People who post what they think is interesting make any forum and many people do find such posts interesting and a possible start to a discussion . Which hopefully among adults will lead to The Knowledge. Those whose comments go nowhere contribute nothing.
  13. 260DET

    1977 Road Atlanta

    Thanks for the vid, you know America was the scene of some great sports car racing where the Z battled and beat on a level playing field everything else, the fairest and so most genuine comparison of all. At the time nothing else in the world came close, I'm a foreigner and need to know more.
  14. 260DET

    Rally Suspension

    Basically that Z is a tribute car not a replica, there are no claims in the sales blurb that the original car was replicated mechanically. I'm surprised that Alan did not jump on it.

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