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  1. Any details allowed on the buyer? Pics of car?
  2. Yes, speedway supply places in the US have splined hollow bars, it's such a simple and effective solution, plus there is the option of various size bars. Twin caliper brakes have advantages except for (unsprung) weight?
  3. How about you go over to the Auszcar forum and check out the Z in question and even talk to the builder/driver before doing your Porsche snob thing? If you are genuine that's what you would do instead ranting at the messenger, facts are facts and results are results. If you were a real Z enthusiast you would be rapt but obviously you are a ignorant poseur whose ego depends on putting others down.
  4. Better save this gem for posterity ;)
  5. Sorry if the facts don't suit your anti Z agenda, better go over to Auszcar and repeat them there too eh because that's where I sourced my info from.. The event was an officially sanctioned Supersprint, timed laps as I said. Link to results http://racing.natsoft.com.au/638008845/object_957258.83p/Times?1 Yes 'faster shifting', you know that DCT the P cars have, look it up, you would have noticed that the Z was slow shifting with it's H pattern surely. Cheers for the New Year and try being more happy positive for a change.
  6. You are regularly 'that guy' mate, obviously he had no choice as to what group he was put with so to get some perspective he did 3rd best lap time out of a total of 140 cars, a GT3RS beat him by 5 seconds, lap times in the low 1:50's high 40's. Zeds may be slow in the UK but elsewhere they perform to their potential, the power difference would give that GT3RS a few seconds advantage for a start, plus faster shifting, plus..............
  7. A Zed putting it to some P cars, as it should be.
  8. Yes, heel and toes part are in black so you know which is which.
  9. Is that a Z31, hard to tell in black but cool anyway. My project 280Zx uses the '79 body kit made from original moulds from the Z raced by PM.
  10. Look at that left front wheel roll over on the 280ZX above, bet that the rear wheel angles would be 'interesting' too :)
  11. Was it later on that the Z31 2+2's longer wheelbase was preferred for racing? That pic shows to me that the 2+0's rear axle should have been pushed back a touch.
  12. What, a break down special? At least the steering wheel is on the *right* side, he he.
  13. Check out the rear spoiler on that Z31, just shows how much drag can be tolerated to get vital downforce.
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