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Who's is this?


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looks like the car is a japanese local from the licence plate???

man theres alot of work in that. wiring harness brake lines, fuel rail, everthings hidden. looks like the lines for the oil cooler run through the inner guard!

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I think those pics came off a Japanese site, but I can't remember which one. I know those pics have popped up quite a few times in the last couple years.

There's probably a few here on the site somewhere as well, maybe even in the Gallery.:ermm:

Here's a site you might want to look through to see if the car is on there.....


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That car has popped up a few times it's in my gallery also. I found the pics ages ago on dream or spirit garage can't remember which one but the site is gone I've tried finding it again and even found a link to it once but it has since been taken down or left.

Anyway it is a real nice car if you find anything further please let us know.



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The white one belongs to a man called Tatsuyo Sata and is a very very special car indeed. Check out the brake lines going through the inner wings, the "clinically clean" engine bay. Have a look at how the fuel gets into the engine, beautiful injectors. Check out the heat shield, spotlessly clean underneath, neat and elegant rollcage. This car has been engineered to the very highest standards and is the inspiration for my own........albeit mine has a 420BHP Edelbrock Performer SBC waiting.

I am having the same wheels and want the same clean lines but will be using House of Kolor paint instead of white. (White with red interior = Japanese Racing Colours I believe)... yes I know we put a "u" in colour in England :-)

Personally I really like the JDM look (Japanese DOmestic Market).

The ZG in the first pictures is Japanese too - have pics of it somewhere, will dig them out and see if I can put a label on it.

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