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  1. I think the 37k sell was a bit of a fluke. I think it was the perfect storm of 2 bidders that wanted the car badly. Not saying it wasn’t a clean car, but cloth seat covers :0
  2. Triple carb airboxes/heat shields

    There’s only one option- the Nissan CAI
  3. Bought # 4858

    It was meant to be
  4. Bought # 4858

    Anything that cuts- torch , plasma cutter , partner saw would be the fastest
  5. Bought # 4858

    Guy powder coats with it .
  6. Bought # 4858

    Yes- makes for a nice heavy stand . Yes - I’ve had one semi successful run and it works pretty well. Need to dial in my technique.
  7. Bought # 4858

    Cut off wheel(ssss) straightening a n47 head in a kiln
  8. Bought # 4858

    Alas - the engine block sacrificed for a worthy cause
  9. The area you call garage ....

    I am also very lucky - in many ways- but also the fact that I was able to build myself a Z studio behind my house for my playing time .
  10. The area you call garage ....

    That’s just not right Chuck - for one man to have all that 😁
  11. The area you call garage ....

    Sorry guys - I can’t work that way- I think I’m a bit anal . When it starts to look a little cluttered or I can’t find something - it’s time to clean and organize
  12. Camshaft kit

    Well- not much then. You could sell the rockers if not too bad of shape . Someone might want the stock cam also if it’s in good shape . Springs and stuff aren’t worth much really.
  13. Camshaft kit

    Do you know who made the kit and what the camshaft is- that would help . It should fit on any other head if you could use it