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  1. As many of these Z’s as he has going at once I was worried the value of mine would go down when he floods the market - lol. Maybe there is hope for my resto mod on my 70! No way to make mine numbers matching so I’ll have to hope that it gets a twinkle in someone’s eye . I think the fact that everything is freshly done , paint , interior , etc... elevates value - especially on a clean car to start with. At 38 k , not sure how much he made for his labor . Correct or not , it’s a nice car and tastefully done . I’d much rather have had Hazmats car for that kind of money myself:)
  2. Any REPUTABLE machine shop should be able to do it. If I was a bit closer I’d offer to help , but I’m 4 hours away . TimZ on hybridz lives up there and is pushing 700 HP :0
  3. Bought # 4858

    I didn’t take the front struts out to see if they were also Bilsteins . The springs on the back are ST ‘s , but front - not sure . They aren’t progressive so maybe a matching set to the back? The front shocks look like they have some kind of adjustment on the top- don’t know if that’s typical of Bilsteins. The car is just a shell now with only suspension to keep it rolling
  4. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    Well your Abarth system is as close to Ansa duals as your going to get . I actually went as far as contacting Ansa and talked to Mike ( I believe) who has been at Ansa since Datsun systems were around. He basically said that he would make a run of Ansa exhausts if someone could bring in an exhaust to replicate . The original dyes are whatever was used burned up in Europe many years ago , so he would have to copy a system .
  5. Yes I would call it a very tasteful resto -mod . I'd say your price is good if the body is as good as it looks . good luck and my condolences
  6. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    Not sure what you call my system - split pipe might be right Cliff. Mine does sound a bit different than a lot of 'twice pipes' I've heard . I doubt if anyone has the exact combo of mufflers too. I do think the pipes being separated on my car attribute to the difference in sound .
  7. Cool Exhaust Sound Options please

    WHATEVER you do - don't waste your time running duals all the way back - its loud and exotic sounding and a waste of weight and money
  8. High performance valve springs

  9. Failing Valve Guides?

    Why would you assume that? Is it oil residue? Valve guide seals maybe Take a propane flame to it and see if it burns off .
  10. High performance valve springs

    Just seeing if anyone has some performance valve springs for a high lift cam laying around . Maybe a matching cam too
  11. Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    Your right Cliff - you better let me take care of what cam kit - I'm responsible
  12. Idle vacuum w/ aftermarket cams

    I don't think the vacuum is that low for that cam or CR as Richard points out. If your having idle issues it probably isn't that . My 490 idles at 750 smoothly . What head and had it been shaved ? How old is the cam chain ? You could always adjust the stock cam sprocket advanced . As RacerBrown states the intake valve closing time does wonders , and advancing it might help a little. You don't need a fancy smancy sprocket unless your really going to degree it.
  13. Sticky EFI thread, please chip in FI guys!

    Get a fuel rail from Pallnet and get rid of the hoses
  14. Bought # 4858

    More GOOD and bad from the disassembly