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  1. 20 might be a tad high, but not unreasonable for idle with triples . I would be curious what the mechanical advance is tuned to and if your running vacuum advance? Timing has many variables but WOT full advance could be anywhere from 30 to 38 degrees depending on CR , cam, fuel grade availability. I’m pretty sure that Rebello curves their distributors for full advance after 3300 or so rpms. Mine comes in earlier with my engine . I am using Megasquirt to control ignition. In low load areas of my table I run as much as 45 degrees advance. Not afraid to run high thirties cruising .
  2. Replacement Inner Rocker Panels

    So did these parts ever go into production? Will the tea mounts be made also?
  3. Rotisserie Mounting Points

    Okay - so the issue for my set up was that the center line of the support bars was not raised high enough . Basically I threaded my adjustment bolts almost all the way up and the car became more neutral the higher I went( see pic above). Now it’s easy to spin with one hand . I’ve even scratched the winch idea since now Ive used a engine stand head on one side with a locking pin . Now to actually get some work done.
  4. n42/n47 na build

    Just remember that the power is in the head and tune on this motors. Any serious monies should be on the head ( cam, valve job, ) and induction system. Of course if want a decent bump in power you want to significantly change the cam specs. But then that leads into the relationship of CR and cam. These motors like cams and can be very street friendly and still make power to 7k. Most go with flat tops for bump in CR , but as mentioned you would have basically a ZX motor . The 79 head would have to be shaved to bump compression , but that’s not too $$. Don’t forget about gearing . Proper gearing with differential and trans can make for a fun , quick car with less power.
  5. n42/n47 na build

    I believe the 79 head has a bigger combustion chamber so compression would much less , but doable with flat tops. 79 head has the better of the combustion chamber shapes - which helps with fighting detonation. So many choices ....
  6. New head install question

    Don, i would gladly assist you in anyway with the install. If you have a question you can message me and we can call and talk or whatever. I would be glad to help you hear that run:)
  7. New head install question

    I would say it more of piece of mind for new head bolts, I’ve reused bolts several times with no issues. Rebello doesn’t even use studs on his engines , he says Nissan head bolts are just fine. I would not recommend using studs . Just make sure you get everything clean on the block surface . No break in is necessary with that head
  8. Loses power under load

    Ummm- I was responding to the OP - and relating what I found to hope help him . All good info and should help OP And welcome aboard - we always need fresh help
  9. Loses power under load

    Car sitting for an unknown amount of time is a big clue. Addding fuel as you did probably stirred up years of yuk in the tank. When you buy an old car / classic like this you have to expect the worse. I went thru a similar issue and it turned out to be a clogged return line on the pick up tube. The fuel sending unit looked new when I pulled it out of the tank but the return had gunk in it and barely flowed and it would shut completely and it made the engine studder
  10. Rotisserie Mounting Points

    Gotcha ! I might be expecting too much . I read somewhere - maybe here- using a winch handle and gear . Happy to have it mostly done anyways. Need to make a runner between the two stands . Need to get cracking on 4858 !
  11. Rotisserie Mounting Points

    It might be close to neutral - not sure what to expect as far as force required to spin it upside down. I was hoping to be able to set it on it’s side and stay there - but not neutral enough for that. If all else fails I will put a winch gear on there to put it where I want . yes 1970
  12. Rotisserie Mounting Points

    Well I have it twirling but still bottom heavy. I can man handle it around but it isn’t neutral . Being trying a basically 2” difference front to rear based on Charles numbers . I can have an effect on the effort by adjusting things but can’t seem to find a neutral balance . So is it a very small window of adjustment to find neutral?
  13. Extrudabody EFI ITB throttle bodies for DCOEs

    Wish I had something to trade!
  14. Q: Second Ring Gap

    I wonder if newer concepts concerning rings can be applied to older engines(pistons), blocks, etc... I went with recommended gaps for our engines with stock pistons. The second ring is a smaller gap , though I went closer to the wider end gap averages
  15. Or just buy my CAI and be done with it