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  1. Gychasgy

    New Oil Pan

    So the rust monster has claimed another part of my datsun 260Z. I have rebuilt the engine completly minus one crucial part, the oil pan is shot! I was wondering if anyone knew where to get a good new/used one for fairly cheap. Ive put a lot of money into the engine so Im kinda looking for a less expensive oil pan. Thanks!
  2. Hey bud any word from the guys down in KY about your car?

  3. Gychasgy

    parts car value

    I would be very interested in the steering wheel as well as the front two head light buckets. How do the headlight buckets look?
  4. Gychasgy

    parts car value

    I might be interested in a few parts if you are planning on parting it out.
  5. Well I painted my block yesterday and I gotta say I think I did a pretty good job. I went with the original color, blue. Here are the pictures....
  6. I am looking forward to all that are going to the Indy Z car club meeting tomorrow on the northside. I cant wait to meet you all.
  7. Gychasgy

    Finally ready for some paint!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey madkaw, who is your painter. I am on the Southside of Indy. My project is FAR from being ready for paint but it doesn't hurt to have contacts. Especially if they do a great job.
  8. Well the engine work was $715 in total but my engine had some serious problems... if it weren't an all original, I would have probably replaced the engine with one not as costly. I got it done at Quinlin Automotive on the Southside near University of Indianapolis and I am very pleased with the work they did on it. I would def recommend them. I might be interested in some panels such as the rocker panels though... are you a member of the Z car of Indy club cbudvet? I am going to their meeting on Thursday this week
  9. I got my block, head, and crank back from the shop today and did some work on the body of the car by taking the fenders off. here are the updated pictures.
  10. Gychasgy

    Refresh Part 2, 1971 Z with L26

    How much did the bolt kit run from Eiji at Datsun Spirit?
  11. Gychasgy


    Beautiful Engine!
  12. Yeah my buddy who is helping me with the body of the car has a mig and is pretty good with it so I think we can handle that. It is a little overwhelming with all that rust though but I am learning to become very patient. I am also going to the next Indy Z car club meeting on the 10th so that I can meet up with some more knowledgable people. Are you in this club madkaw? I just got my engine cleaned and honed at Quinlin Machine Shop on the Southside here and am looking forward to picking it up Friday! I will def have to look into Gails though thanks for the advice.
  13. Gychasgy

    Refresh Part 2, 1971 Z with L26

    Hey motorman7 if you really need a vacation and a lengthy refresh..... I mean rebuild... you could drop by Indy and help me out with my 260Z! I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your post though because I have an L26 engine as well so hopefully it will give me a bit of inspiration... Oh and I love your 240Z, truly beautiful.

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