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  1. Ahhhhhh WTF - that purple mr is fugly:angry: Anyways thanks for the quick reply and the pics!!!:knockedou
  2. Whats wrong with MR2 (assuming it was AW11)??? The are very significant cars for Japan! And someone - please post some pics of the event!!!
  3. Prices going down - right.... Here in melbourne they seem to be going up for any classic Z - even 260 2+2. 240 are very rare as you would no doubt know so prices just keep growin and i dont see them stopping. A few years ago i heard of people getting unrestored 240z for $500 or less... nowadays you are lucky to find one for $2000 - in the same rusted/thrashed condition. But I still think these cars are worth a lot more.
  4. Was a good meet and this is truly a great video, especially for a first try! Good job Sulio! Btw whose disassembled red car with white flares is that and how did it get in the video?
  5. Nice photos and a nice acar in general! Hoe much power are you making now with those 440cc injectors? - I am just thinking if I should gor for 550cc for my turbo project to achieve my 300rwhp goal.
  6. that car is f..n ugly - customise the Z but not in this way!
  7. Welcome to the board! I am from melbourne and own a 240Z:rambo: Post some pics of your Z!
  8. So what areas wouldnt I want to use paint stripper on and why? My car is getting stripped completely so the chemical cant damage anything. And what is the advantage of usinga clean and strip wheel against the wire brush? Wire brush can be used over and over, whereas strip disk will wear out, I think I will stick with the brush.
  9. If he doesnt take it I will definitely be interested. Where did you source yours anyway?
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone - they are really helping with the decision making I am planning to do all the preparation work myself so sandblasting is not an option really. I think I will be using chemical paint stripper on large flat areas as some have suggested and for hard to reach place I think I will be using a wire brush as opposed to stipping wheel because it gets used too quickly from my experience. Do you think wire brush will scratch metal deeply or is it safe to use? Cheers, John. PS My car is going to be a very clean daily driver, but I want high quality finish anyway.
  11. Nice, what diameter is the new rotor? Is that a stock 2-pot I see there? What are you running at rear atm?
  12. the title explains it And please state any reasons of why you decided to go down that path.
  13. Thanks 240K&Beyond for your 2 very detailed answers, must have taken you a while to type up! I really appreciate this as its always exciting to learn something new about the L-gata engines!
  14. Well I read somewhere that a standard 240z has a weight distribution of 51:49 - almost perfect. Now consider a 240z with an sr20det in it - being a 4 cylinder (will seart completely behind the front axle) and having an all alloy design (meaning its lighter) it will alter the weight distribution significantly and from what I can see this alteration will make the car rear heavy, which in turn will lead to fun but not a very efficient handling dynamics on the racetrack.... On the other hand I keep hearing that 240Zs with SRs have great handling, could someone please explain to me how that works?:surprised While I understand that its possible to cancel some of the rear-heavy effect through proper suspemsion setup, wouldnt it still be better to have close to 50:50 weight destribution?:bandit:
  15. Whats an L28R motor? or is it just a typo? Anyway 350 Hp on 6 psi and with no intercooler?!!! wow, thats a great achievement! Give us more specs -turbo specs, head, intake/exhaust manifold did you use? What sort of compression did you get by using twin gaskets? Also what car used P90 in Australia? I was under the impression that they were never put on Aussie cars. Do you have a P90 that you might wish to part with?
  16. Could you please tell me the e-bay id of the seller?
  17. Sorry Ben but I wouldn’t agree with you there. I have never heard of L-series engines pushing over 1000hp, but have heard of RB with 1200+hp. L-series blocks are definitely very durable, but they were never designed for racing (s20 engine was meant to be THE racing engine and as far as i know no-one in Datsun was thinking of using L-series as a racing engine having acquired a twin-cam design from Prince, you are welcome to correct me here if I am wrong:classic: ) until the F54 block came. It certainly is true that L-series is a very potent design but the rarity of twin-cam heads lowers its potential immensely in my eyes. Also as was mentioned above here, in Australia, we have got RB30 engines in R31 skylines which are getting very cheap now and having been sold in very high numbers (together with a twin model being a local Holden Commodore VL) parts are very easy and cheap to source, definantly easier than L-series parts. Out of the engine that Alfa has mentioned above I would definantly chose the rb20det - you can get an engine under 1k nowadays with everything you need for conversion and gearbox can be used from local a skyline. On the other hand I would personally build a an RB30DE with and RB25 head - that will sound great, have more torque than an L28, be cheaper and more unique than L31 stroker (with easy parts availability), and potential for future turbocharging. Good luck with the car whatever option you choose.
  18. I want a copy! Please tell me when its all figured out.
  19. Considering the use of Z32 300ZXTT calipers on my 72 240z and was wondering what exactly needs to be done to adapt them? Thanks in advance.:laugh:
  20. Considering using s12w calipers and z31 rotors, want to know where to buy the required spacers for use on 72 240z. I know this has been covered before, but I need up to date infromation. Thanks in advance.
  21. blue_leaf

    2006 MSA Z nationals

    WHERE CAN I BUY THESE TAILLIGHT SURROUNDS? My car is missing those and now I see no point sourcing the original part as these will look so much better! PM me please if you know where I can buy these.
  22. blue_leaf

    2006 MSA Z Nationals

    Does anyone have more pics of this car from the side and know what wheels is it using? If so please email them to me at stola_gts(at)hotmail.com
  23. Why were the 260z and later 280zx intorduced with bonnet vents if the 240z did well (as far as I know there were no overheating problems with stock engines functioning properly) without them? Was it just for style or did L26 and onwards engines produce that much more heat than L24 (can hardly imagine why, but thought I would still ask)? Or was it only introduced for racing homologation purposes?
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