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  1. I think that not enough thought has been paid to the presentation of these items. Quite a lot of the apparent imperfections are actually reflections of the surfaces they have been placed on. If they had been placed on a mat black surface , I think they would look much better. My 2 cents.
  2. Hi Guys, I am looking for a '87 Z31 front antisway bar. Prefer Victoria Australia. pcs
  3. Hi guys, Sorry I forgot I posted this thread. From memory I removed the top mounting nuts from the tower and removed the lower self locking nut and washer that holds the bottom onto the lower bracket. I guess the suspension didn't droop enough , because when I tried to release the lower end from the mounting by pulling the lower end towards the diff. I think the top end caught and by this action I heard gas escape from the top seal around the shaft and some oil squirted out.:stupid: Now when you compare both rear shocks, this one does not have the same gas pressure nor does it have the same damping properties. I was thinking that maybe I could talk to the guys that repressurize gas struts. Maybe they can help? Being in The land down under it's a bit far to send it to Tokico but maybe they might have some suggestions if I emailed them. Regards pcs:stupid:
  4. Hi Guys, When I removed my rear Tokiko Illuminia shocks from my 280ZX , I accidently or unwisely pulled the lower end to release it from it's perch resulting in loss of some oil and gas from the shock at the seal where the shaft emerges from the body. Illuminias are not in production (for 280ZX) any more and I want to get it serviced and restored to normal operation. Does anybody Know if this is possible and who can do it ? pcs:bandit:
  5. pcs

    crashed z3

    Bent!! Buggar! Don't you hate that! pcs
  6. Hi Guys from the land down under, These flange bolts are great for spreading the load ,such as when a panel has a slotted bolt hole. They should stay tight due to their design. pcs:)
  7. Hi Folks, I am in the process of rebuilding a smiko 1982 280ZX 2+2 Targa. I have written up a part description in "my profile". Should go like a cut cat and look fantastic. I've been a member of the IZCC for many years now joining when I bought my first 280ZX (member number 86) . Looking forward to seeing your articles and will contribute when I get the chance. Peter
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