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Welp... got reallllyy bored.. cleaned the car and took some pics...


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Your car is such a beast... looks great!

Rule number 3 of taking car photos is generally dont park on grass!! Makes it look derelict (not bashing, just trying to help).

I'd go find an old warehouse or even an old basketball court and take some there. Let's get the environment suiting the car ;) It would look awesome in a prison I think.... but not sure you'd want to do that!

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How about some TEETH on the radiator?? LOL :devious:

Just what I was thinking. Is it me or do these cars look like a shark when the bumper are off?

Hey Pro you could go to HomeDepot and get some stucco mesh for the front grill. Its like 8.00 for a sheet. Will help close of that gap in the front that. I can't stand having that gap in my car.

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Your ground clearance with that front spoiler looks worst than marginal. Is that why the bottom piece is riveted for quick replacement?

Must be impossible to drive that thing after the first snow fall ....... do you use it to clear the snow off the driveway?

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440cc injectors are good up to around 400rwhp..

youll be fine even with the 370cc injectors for 300rwhp..

300rwhp is easy to achieve.. a Hybrid turbo such as a T3/T04e .. or even a Holset like me (cheap affordable version of a T3/T04e) ... and about 12psi

you can hit 300rwhp even with the stock EFI !! just need an intercooler and bigger injectors and your set.. I'm sure at 15psi the stock T3 could hit 300rwhp.

other alternatives is upgrade to the Z31 ECU or Megasquirt, SDS, Haltech etc

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