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  1. This is George. He was only 5 pound 9 years ago. Also have two red ear turtles in a 65 gal tank.
  2. Before the H/L harness was installed the left H/L was dim (including the high beam). Why? Over heating H/L and T/L fuses have melted away the right side of the fuse box. Down to the point that installing a fuse will cause the metal plate underneath to move (grounding a big problem). Years ago before Dave was into Zs I had a major meltdown caused by the P/L wiring/fuse. Wires melted from the switch to the fuse box. I had to rewire the P/L wires to an aftermarket fuse box for a temporary fix. Parking Lights work fine now no hot fuse. But the H/L fuses were always overheating till one of
  3. Try the link below. http://www.geocities.com/zgarage2001/z.html
  4. I pulled a booster from a 260Z and it looks like the one SteveInOakland pictured. It is bigger in diameter but the bolts did not match my 5/70 Z. If someone wants it for the shipping cost let me know.
  5. With these parts becoming harder to find one is forced to concider rear disc brake conversion...
  6. I know a booster from a 260z will not bolt up. I have one in the garage that I picked from a pic-a-part lot.
  7. I had a reaction disk problem for a few year and my pedal had no feeling until the bottom end of the foot travel. You stated "When I push down on my brake pedal, it has pressure almost all the way and then it just falls out of pressure and collapses." Was this with the engine running? Have you checked for leaks at the real wheel cylinders? Did you bleed the master cylinder on a bench vice before installing? Did you make sure the lines were installed in the correct location? On the master cylinder where the lines conect you will find the letters "F" for front and "R" for rear. Where is the re
  8. Purchased my 5/70 in 1989 and I have done this twice. Took the column switch off opened the box and cleaned off the carbon buildup on the contact points. Make sure you do not breakoff the metal taps on the switch box. Take your time opening the box you have a spring and a small ball bearing in there held inplace by grease. You cannot miss the pivoting "V" shape metal contact. On each end there are two contacts that build up carbon over time. I used 4oo grit sanding paper to clean them up. Do it with care you do not want to sand the points down flat. Finally regrease before assembly. I did not
  9. History: Few years back had to slam on the brake after that lost the booster. Replaced the booster with an aftermarket rebuilt one. The push rod was too long that I had to shorten it to get the master on. Brakes worked great but one thing. They would gradually lock up the front brakes to the point of the engine stalling. The pedal was ferm with no movement. I lost the reaction disk in the booster with all the adjustments of the push rod and never continued the cause of the locking brakes. Now with no firm pedal feeling I went and purchased two master cylinders and still had no firm pedal but
  10. Have you tried the Z yard off the I-805? If I'm right it on Energy Way. To get there take the I-805 exit to the water park in San Diego. Also try calling Mark (former owner of Datsun Alley) locate in Signal Hill (Long Beach area). Has a warehouse full of Z part from the Nissan project (310-614-6957). I still have the original spare with tire if you want to borrow.
  11. 71 240z I just spent about 2 minutes with my fingers in the booster fishing for the rubber disk. Caught it. Have the booster on a vise drying the paint before I install it. Went down pulled the disk and checked the thickness, on a regular measuring tape it is 3/16 thick. Covers both lines on each end. You should try fishing for it. I have been driving my Z for 5 years now with the disk lost in the booster. Talking about safe driving. Hope this helps.
  12. Good old Heavy Metal!!! 39 years old and jamming it....Iron Maiden/Priest... The slow it down with some top latin tunes....
  13. ZSaint post the information you find out. There might be others looking for larger size pistons. Thankz
  14. I spoke with Marc Jones (former Datsun Alley owner) looking for some parts and he was telling me about his involvement in the project. Buddy of mine bought a 70 shell for his turbo built. He had alot of information and knowledge about the project.
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