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  1. Well I got a better look at it today and thankfully I don't need any new hoses at all. One of the clamps had a tab that had snapped off. I just put new clamps on the hoses and everything is peachy again. Been driving around all day in it. Glad I didn't have to replace any hoses or injectors.
  2. I have replaced two injector hoses in the past right after I bought the car a couple of years ago. That was not fun. Now I have two more leaking hoses. Would it just be easier to buy all new injectors and put those on instead? Don't they come with the hoses already on them anyway? If so how hard is it to replace the injectors and exactly what is the process for doing it? I see two bolts holding the injector on. Do I just pull off the fuel rail and then unbolt the injector and put the new one on, tighten it down and put the fuel rail back on or is there some special procedure that I have to fol
  3. Yeah, I just checked it out. I don't have any tail lights either but I do have brake lights. So hopefully it's just a fuse problem. Thanks!
  4. So how exactly do I bypass the rheostat? What other things could the problem likely be? Is it possible that the headlight switch on the steering column is bad? It does turn the headlights on though so I don't know if the switch is the problem. Is there anyone else here who's had just dashlights go out?
  5. I have a 78 280Z 2+2. I'm a little worried that something bad might have happened because they went out when the headlights did because my fusible link was old and crappy. Headlights are good now but no dashlights. You guys don't think something got damaged because of the worn out fusible link do you? I hope nothing real bad happened.
  6. My instrument panel lights are all gone. Here's the story. I had a fusible link in the engine bay that had been bent around so much it had pretty much gone to crap. I found this out because one night when I turned on my headlights they went out and so did my dash lights. I eventually figured out the problem was the fusible link. When you give it a little wiggle the headlights and dash lights would come back on. Anyway recently I turned them on and they all went out again. I popped the hood and moved the fusible link and the headlights came back on. When I got in the car I noticed the dash ligh
  7. Well I thought I'd post my resolution. I finally had a chance to go out and look it all over today and my left turn signal was lighting up and not blinking because the front left bulb was burned out. I didn't realize that one burned out bulb would stop that side of the car from blinking. I figured it would still blink but any burned out bulbs would obviously not work. Both sides of the hazzards were blinking inside but when I tried turn signals the left one did not blink, just lit up and did nothing. So anyway, easy fix to a silly question. If your turn signal lights up inside but doesn't blin
  8. My turn signals have been working for quite awhile now but today the left turn signal no longer blinks. It lights up but doesn't blink. The right turn signal works perfect but not the left. Any idea what would cause that? When I turn on the left turn signal it lights up and I hear the blinking noise only once and then never again. The light itself never blinks. Which flasher unit is for the turn signals? I see two of them. A small one that hangs down a little and a bigger one further up in the dash. When I turn on my hazards they work and I hear a blinking noise coming from the small flasher u
  9. I have a 78 280Z and the steering play is very excessive. I know the bushings have to be the problem as they look completely destroyed. Who here has replaced them without removing the rack to do it? How is it possible to do it that way? I have never done any kind of work on a steering rack before so how difficult a job would you say this is for a novice? I know the preferred method is removing the rack but that's seems like it would be more work and more difficult considering all the stuff I'd have to take off to do it and I may not know how to get it all back together. Like I said I've never
  10. Thanks for the tip. I climbed into the hatch and had a friend spray the car down with water. Water began gushing into the spare tire well from under the driver side tail light. I got out and pulled the rubber up from the body above the tail light and found a rust hole hiding under the rubber. I finished patching it today and hopefully that will seal out the water. Thanks again!
  11. OK. That wire was the problem but more specifically the connector itself was the problem. The wiring is fine but when I pulled the connector apart that is under the passenger side dash anti-freeze poured out of the connector. The turn signals didn't work because the connector that they went to was full of anti-freeze! Why would my wiring under the passenger side have ani-freeze all over it? Something from the heater core is leaking? Does anyone have any good pictures of the heater core and what I should check for? My service manual is sort of worthless for this. There are no pictures in it for
  12. My spare tire well is filling up with water and rust is starting. How does it keep filling with water? I need to stop the water from getting in immediately. The car is kept outside since I don't have a garage but I don't drive it in the rain so the water is getting in there while it's parked. Where do you guys think the water is getting in? Is this a common problem?
  13. Ok to bring back an old thread because I still haven't figured this one yet.... The flasher unit has been replaced. The turn signal lever has been taken apart and cleaned up and put back togther. The problem persisted. Sometimes I had turn signals and sometimes I didn't. I gave in and bought a brand new turn signal lever. First off this new one works like a champ. It clicks into place and clicks back when it's done. Even with the new lever the signals would work sometimes and sometimes not. So today I got down under the dash on the passenger side to look at the wiring under there. None of the
  14. So if I got a socket wrench with a 1/2" drive that would work? Please forgive all my dumb questions. I'm still pretty new at working on cars, especially Z cars.
  15. OK the fill plug came loose easy. No problems there. I give up on the drain plug. How do I get that out? I don't have any square tools.
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