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  1. does any body know of any aftermarket in dash tach's that will fit into the 240 dash . i have bought two 280z tachs as they say in the conversion manual for the chevy v8 swap and cant get either of them to work good so i hope to find a aftermarket that will fit in the hole and mount .any ideas?
  2. i run 245/60/14 on a lowered z and it handles great . they clear fine with just a little trimming needed on front left lower valance but my air dam hides it . does anybody else run this size?
  3. thanks ill check into that tire size , it only rubs when i turn .the exhaust cost too much to replace id rather get new tires , or change my springs .but i need new tires any way
  4. hi i have lowered my 240z with the tokico struts and springs and i am realizing that its to low for me i am scraping alot . is there a strut spacer available or would i have to buy a stock ride height set . i am looking into rasing my tire heght . i have 245/60/14 ,not sure what5 the tallest i can go for 14's on a lowered car thanks
  5. i have a 71 240z lowered about a inch and i have on it now 245/60/14 all around the front tires rub . i need to put a different set of tires on the front that wont rub and give me maximum height because i have clearence issues with my exhaust .will 205/75/14 or 195/75/14 work
  6. well im actually running a v8 in a 240 with a 4 barrel and usually you dont need them but i was just curious cause i purchased my tank with all the holes plugged but the top one to the rear which i figured goes to the filler neck .and i just wanted to be sure before i put everything back together . a vented gas cap sounds like a good idea is there one that can be purchased like a universal or one from a later model maybe ?
  7. i was reading that some people eliminate the vapor tank and plug up the unneeded openings on the fule tank . if i do this do i need to have a charcoal canister mounted in the engine compartment ?
  8. i need to know if anybody knows how many teeth there are on the ring/pinion gear for the r200 3:55 ratio rear
  9. ive tried to fit the flange into the filler tube but its just a hair to big , do you think a little heat would work on the plastic filler tube to make it expand a little .
  10. purchased my 240z without a tank . i bought one used and wanted to how it attatches to the fille tube. not sure if i am supposed to use a coupling and clamps or jam it in the filler tube .
  11. no theyre more of a tight honey comb with polished aluminum on the outer rim .something similar to "the best looking z ever "
  12. so... anyway does anybody know where to get the honey comb style rims .
  13. where do i get this 15/16" mc that you are talking about ive been looking for more pressure .
  14. does anybody know if it is possible to replace the power brake booster on a 71 240 with one of a later year or model for increased brake power .it says in the jags that run 240z8 conv. book that a booster off of a 280 2+2 will work but the bolts dont line up and one would think that published material would be correct but i guess not .
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