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  1. Actually you wanna look at post #22 if your car is left hand drive. I took Alan's image (RHD measurements) and flipped the values for a LHD application.
  2. I believe Arne is answering the question of what vehicle is following behind it.
  3. Hi Dave, Jon provided a lot of great threads...here's one more thread to add to the list (Power Brute LSD install). Precision Gear LSD install by Mike C
  4. It looks like an R200 to me Dave, however you need to check the stamp on the ring gear to be sure if its a 3.9 or not. I believe 3.9 usually appears as "39:10" (basically 39/10 = 3.9...not sure if there are other ways it is stamped though)
  5. Are the tail light panel clips in good condition? Here's a pic of what I'm talking about (blown up pic at bottom left side): http://album.hybridz.org/data/657/Z_images_088.jpg If they are, how much for the section outlined in red in the pic?
  6. Nice prediction John...it ended up selling for $417
  7. You know what, I think it was changed to http://www.zzxdatsun.com/ :cross-eye
  8. You see, when a horse smiles...its like when a Z smiles! When a horse runs...its like when a Z runs!
  9. Here's a few that I remember: Movies I'm gonna git you sucka - there's a scene where Keenan wayans is outside at night and two guys are shooting at him from the top of a building. The car parked in front of the building is a 260 or 280z. It has 280zx rims, a front and rear spoiler, it was bumperless, and was black (or some dark color - it was night time). E.T. - there's a 260 or 280z (i forget...its been awhile) that's parked in the street as the kids are walking or riding their bikes to or from school. I think it was brown or orange..but I forget. TV Shows Punked - the episode where they punk Kanye West. They were filming in a desert type area, and one of the cars parked (probably belonging to a crew member or extra) was a red 280zx. Songs Kanye West - that one gold digger song, he has a line where he says something like "turn the car into a Benz from a Datsun" or something like that.
  10. I believe it is based on the 240z, but they may have just used a 260z for the movies. Maybe the 260z was someone's car and it pretty much looked like the anime, and maybe they didn't want to go through the trouble of getting a 240z built for the movie. I'm just guessing.
  11. Owen is the owner of that website. E-mail him at v8z@earthlink.net if you are interested in purchasing any of the Wangan movies (none of them are in English though). I think he has 8 different ones.
  12. Thanks for the info Joe. I believe the Torino I's are a little skinnier (I think that's what Todd Kaneko has in his Orange 240z...the one that was on Super Street magazine along with his Orange 510). I have a Torino I and 2 Torino IIs but haven't gone around to measuring the two.
  13. Hi Joe. Looks great! Are those Torino Is or IIs? Did you get custom seat brackets?
  14. Thanks all. I did contact Z Barn but they said they are not able to supply new or used ones. I'll see what I can find. Wish me luck!
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