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  1. If yah need a welder just let me know. I travel.
  2. You doing that at bluevq's house still? i see his truck there. Unless you guys work together.Anyway let me know if you cut your floor out i can come over and weld in the new one for free if yah dont have a welder. You supply beer or food, food is better
  3. Buddy in Eau claire brought it back from canada. AWD though gotta find trans and a rear facing sump. Either going in a z or a Starion.
  4. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=39589
  5. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=39589
  6. I could not say on those, the best fit i have had personally is the 1st gen rx7 seals fwiw.
  7. The scary thing is unless those cars had hard coding somehow papers can be forged/ created on a average pc. What did the zap cars come with just a option code on build sheet? Someone recently got indicted for trying to sell a lemans as a gto on the egay. Feds jumped all over it. Will try to dig that up. There cracking down on fraud cars/purses/watches etc...
  8. trans and the engine would be a nice fit.
  9. Thats a model in the background. Looks to be 1:18 like yours.
  10. Indeed the rotary was in many things before the 7. The cosmo sport being the first from mazda. I too had a rx3 wagon with a good ol 13b 4 port hitachi carbed goodness. I have been on the hunt for years for a rx3-sp. YEARS!
  11. I will have to go back and research then. That little comment just seemed wrong to compare to legendary cars together. Being a huge rotard is just kinda rubbed me wrong. I knew they acquired rights in 61 hence shortly after...i guess 7 years is not shortly after
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