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  1. I bought my dash 2 weeks ago and Hung shipped it that day for me via USPS. USPS lost it for 4 days last week, but it delivered today. Attached are pics of their Gen 2 dash. I'm anxious to get it swapped out and in, but on vacation next week so may be a bit. This dash I got from him was a blem and if you look close on passenger side above the glovebox you can see it. Other than that it looks good. If you want to see something close up, let me know.
  2. I should have taken the picture specifically of the gap. There were 2 very small gaps. Many people wouldn’t worry about them, but there are perfectionists out there that would complain. I’m guessing stock dashes would have a little variation and could possibly have a similar gap. Either way, they are trying to get it as perfect as possible.
  3. Two pics didn’t upload.
  4. Ok, update. As I mentioned above, I hesitated to order my 240z dash as they didn’t seem to have much of an online business presence. I live in Arkansas and Hung is in NorCal. I ended up on a business trip out west and Facebook messaged Hung I wanted to come by to by a dash. He said that was fine, didn’t always communicate quickly, but did eventually respond. He said he was out of 240 dashes but did have a blem dash. I stopped by and talked to both guys and asked about the 280 restock and they say they continue to have quality issues and won’t sell them if they aren’t right. 6 weeks is a good estimate on them. I did look at the blem dash and bought it. Hung is shipping so I’ll advise when I receive it. I took a pic of the gauge cluster on their 280 test fit to show some of the gap issues they are having. Overall, I’m satisfied and think they are trying to do the right thing, they just don’t communicate well. The pallet is 240 dashes going to Europe.
  5. SteveJ You are correct. Post 20 and 21 reference 240, but original post was on 280. I was wanting feedback on the company on either product as there were many posts made about delays and lack of communication. I really don’t want to send $900 and get nothing or an inferior product. My posts were to validate the integrity of the company and product once I heard they had 240 dashes in stock.
  6. I emailed them asking procedures and. Was advised they are in stock and ready to ship. I would really like to get one but am very hesitant when I hear comments like this from Frankenstein. Have you paid for it yet? If you have paid and not heard, that would be more of a red flag to me.
  7. Hung messaged me they are in. Did anyone receive one yet? Would like someone that has one/put eyes on it to get their input. Thanks!
  8. Your assumptions are correct. Thanks to all for the input!
  9. Been researching the blower motor swap and didn't see much recent info. I have my dash out for repair and the blower motor out as well and thought I'd go ahead and swap. I'm guessing this is still the best swap but wanted to confirm. Thanks for your input.
  10. Thanks CanTechZ! The link looks great! The book is Wick Humble's and you are correct, those pages have some detailed information I can use as well. SteveJ, Zup did shoot me a message. Met him in Branson last year. I appreciate the assistance! Maybe someday I'll get this Z on the road, she's been quiet since the late 80's!
  11. I've searched through the forum looking for a thread that gives a step by step on removing the dash. I've seen them all on how to restore the dash, but no good detail on getting the dash out. I've never removed a dash from a car and have seen enough comments that it can be done in a day, mark all your wires, bag all the parts, etc. I have the Datsun service manual and it has the dash out in 8 easy steps?!? The Restore your Datsun Z car doesn't have details either. If anyone that has done this and could list a few bullets like, start with the steering column, move to X, then to Y, I would greatly appreciate your input! Thanks!!
  12. 72ZDave

    Interior Colors

    Thanks siteunseen for the pic, that helps!! Bonzi Lon, I went tot the Z-Fest a number of years ago in Branson and had forgotten about it. I'll do my best to get up there this year!
  13. 72ZDave

    Interior Colors

    Thanks Zup! Good to see another AR guy here! When I get mine done, we'll have to go for a spin!
  14. 72ZDave

    Interior Colors

    I have my seat covers in and am in the process of cleaning the vinyl and door panels. I ordered my seat covers a couple years ago and just now getting to work on the car. The box has White (which I have) but also lists bone and parchment or something different than the bright white. I plan to try and make them all match, but my question is did the 240 originally have same colored seat, door panel, and vinyl or did they use one color for the door panels and vinyl and slightly different colors for the seats?
  15. I did a search on seat foam and have been reading all the threads. Most people buy the foam kits and use those, but they are $125 each and I still have a lot to do on this car. I wanted to know if anyone has used generic foam or something else to restore their seats. I appreciate any input!!
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