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78 280z in Santa Cruz


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The sunroof kills it for me. IMO, that makes it's value much less than $12K. It's a factory air car which is a plus. The louvers are okay although they're the 'latch' type that involve drilling holes in the car to mount rather than the key type I have which don't, no louvers were factory. The wheels are non factory but look nice. Never did care for that stainless steel side molding. The mileage is beliveable based on the wear or lack of in some of the areas I'd look. It's a nice car overall but, like I said, not worth $12K or "Barrets Auto Auction" as someone stated on that site.

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I like it. Sunroof and Louvers look great on it too. Looks good, nice paint, clean, low mileage, ect.

I wouldn't pay $12k for it, but would be extremely interested and try to get it lower. Offer straight up cash or something for it and the price will go down.

Seems like little would need to be done to this thing to get it the way that you want. So you would end up saving a lot of money in parts and a lot of time into putting the parts in.

Brake upgrade, radiator upgrade, maybe go back to carbs, sway bars, exhaust, and bam your done.

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