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  1. Finally sorted it out, the first set of set was in a accident, the seat back was crooked, took it to a seat guy, fixed it, sorry for the confusion.now I have both original 71 and 72 seat, 72 is more funtional, 71 is original. have not decided which one go in yet
  2. MSA stated that 70-71 need to drill one hole, I know for your 73 no need to drill any hole, but if I use Wesco on my 71, how many hole do I have to drill? and will the shoulder belt be long enough??
  3. Can you send me the one you just finished? looks much better than the polish one. where do you get the Dupli color engine enamel? I think i will do mine the same way.
  4. I was thinking about he same thing, would be a lot nicer without the sun roof and louver, isn't 79 and up Nissan did a complete upgarde of the Z?
  5. http://www.zcar.com/forums/read/8/1891942 looks good, any input from anyone? I think this is the last year of first gene Z is there any draw back on this year? Thinking of getting it. please help.
  6. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/40-7490 Looks good, but very expensive, did anyone tried this yet?is there anyother alternative?
  7. was the qulity same as or close to the one from DMV?
  8. But who make one that is close enough to look "real"? does anyone know?
  9. I have one original blue plate registered with my 71 240z, how can I get another exactly the same one for the front? I checked some licence plate maker, and they all say it is not legal to use it as a real licence plate, any idea?
  10. my 71 240z windshield have a car-lite logo etched in the bottom middle, is this original winshield that come with the car??
  11. Had a radiator removed and flushed, the the whole cooling flushed, use the highest octane gas, change the fan clutch, engine runs cooler, now the problem is gone.
  12. Thanks a lot man, Now I will have to find that "distributor mount" somewhere.
  13. Arne: do you happen to know if a E12-80 module will fit on this distributor then? Thanks for the input
  14. quick questins, can this E12-80 module put on a distributor that original has the E12-92 module?
  15. So it is the wrong year then, I was told 79-80 distributor will work, so this is wrong year then,appreciate the infor. will keep looking
  16. Saw this guy on ebay, is this the correct one to use on my 71?how can I tell if this is E12-80? I think the seller has no clue.
  17. so many electronic ignition system out there, which one work and look the best for you guys? I have no problem so far wth my stock ignition, but I think I should start look into this.
  18. Here are all the data, can any late 72 or 73 240z owner tell me if this is normal?
  19. Thanks a lot guys, Looks like I am going to be very busy to play with all the seats tonight, I will report back the result and post more picturs.
  20. I swap JUST the seat backs I did not swap seat backs WITH mechanisms. and I tried seat back on either one, same result. But how do you explain the picture posted above by Carl Beck(yesterday (12/24)1:02 PM), that the location of the bracket is different on the same seat. one is closer to the front, and the other one is closer to the back.
  21. Dogma420:yes it is metal rod under, so those are after Aug 72 for sure. Carl:Good eyes, the left/right bracket is at at different angel, so Datsun put my right hand bracket too far back, but there is a weld nut under the seat cover, that is not not easy to move the bracket back to make it even on bothside, what I don't understand is how can someone have those seat in their car and not notice this? I did check my other seat, same situation, but the difference is not as big, so it is not noticeable.
  22. Hi Dave, Thanks for the good work on the wiper deal, I got both of your kits, now my 71 is finally ready, I will put the kit in very soon. as far as my 71, it is defintely "Deisel'ing" no I did not do a alternator upgrade, it still stay stock, I will try all it after the holidays. Thanks and wish you have a happy Happy New Year.
  23. just did a major tune up, but now the engine will stay running for about 5-10 second after I turn the ignition off. Appricated any input.
  24. I am not 100% sure this is 72 seat, does anyone know what year range could this be?
  25. I thought so at first, and swapted them, same thing. Thanks anyway. might have to put my 71 stock seat back for now.
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