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  1. Anyone know for sure if the s-30 roof structures are all the same? I know things changed down below, but not sure about roof. Depending on what you consider as a roof component , the shoulder belt attachment would be different - would it not? Forward of the shoulder harness attachment I think everything is identical. I will be studying this for obvious reasons. I am working with a friend - who owns a body shop and has been in the biz for 40 years.
  2. I’d say at today’s market you did alright- ESPECIALLY delivered . They look super clean- congrats
  3. Just do the megasquirt. There’s a vendor on Hybridz that sells a nice package deal that’s about plug and play . Then you can do what you want and have a programmable fun. You could buy a wideband and try to get what you can out of the stock EFI , but it will never be as good as updated ECU.
  4. I have the push button hydraulic brake - wish I could trust it -lol
  5. Unless you are worried about matching numbers, good used motors laying around for less than 1k. Those guys doing engine swaps about give away stock L28’s
  6. Interesting - but makes sense . Cold engine needs more fuel.
  7. I am using megasquirt - so I have a distinct advantage to tune my EFI. But I have read of guys who have success with a tweak here and there and can run stock EFI with a bigger cam. The cam really wakes these motors up, but power is addicting. The stock motors (L28’s) are all in at 5000, so a cam does wonders. Since it’s been reported that the stock EFI does fudge on the rich side at wide open throttle, someone could get away with more power with the stock EFI. Going carbs changes everything . Lots of info on EFI upgrades . EDI has come a long way
  8. I agree with all of this except the cam perception. It’s not the cam that makes for poor idle as much as the ability to tune. My 490/290 cam probably isles as good as a stock engine , but I have the ability to tune it. OEM EFI doesn’t allow tuning, but I think you can get away with some cam mods which do wonders for these motors .
  9. Running good goes to my point, but I understand the -while I’m there might as well. There’s also curiosity and the - I want to rebuild a motor -feeling too. Good luck and there’s always help here
  10. To this point I would say go as big as a stage 3 . I know Chickenman is running a pretty large cam with the Bosch EFI with a little tweaking . Idle shouldnt be an issue , but can’t swear to that with the stock EFI. Probably with be a bit more stinky at idle. A 39cc chamber will get you around 9:1
  11. Does the bottom end need rebuilt, or you are just wanting to try it?!The bottom ends are about bullet proof unless it’s been neglected . Should be able to tell that by how clean the inside of the valve cover looks. Does it use or blow smoke? You might pull the head off and still see the cross hatch marks in the cylinders. I’ve seen it on a motor with 100k + You could save $$ and time and aggravation and less down time with your car by not touching the short block except gaskets . You could improve CR with a smaller combustion chamber head . Instead of rebuilding that head you could put money towards a different head . Facing the block? Probably won’t need decked either. Now the head should be resurfaced if it has any defects or just for the HG longevity. Shorter valve seals or different valve springs for anything more then 460 lift cam. Probably get away with stock seals up to 480. Just throwing it out there
  12. I’ve gotten confused about the plug pics. I thought you said that was an old pic. If so did you clean them and recheck? What did they look like after this last run ?
  13. You really the pressure is “way too high”. 2psi could be a gauge . Doubt that is any issue with his engine running poorly .
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