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  1. madkaw

    Love the z

    Found mine - not a similiar year to my Z , but still that era
  2. madkaw

    Various Datsun engine parts

    Yes - I need to repost this ad because it won’t allow me to edit it. sfinnerty1018@gmail.com
  3. madkaw

    Various Datsun engine parts

    Still have most of these items!
  4. madkaw

    MN -47 cylinder head

    Still available !
  5. madkaw

    Heater core - 240z

    Still available -100$ shipped
  6. madkaw

    Fuel tank paint etc.

    Probably 100 threads will come up if just google exhaust fumes. I use Por-15- good stuff
  7. madkaw

    MN -47 cylinder head

    Well - I don’t know why that is . Try s_finnerty1018@comcast.net
  8. Apply for a new title ! Got a bill of sale and get the car - especially if it’s decent. I got a 1970 that way. I don’t care if I don’t have the original title - ITS MINE ! Your going to have to make concessions to get an early one. I guess I won’t offer my 71 with no title and needing bodywork .
  9. madkaw

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    It would be a great head for a L24 . Not sure how big the ports can go - I know they are smaller . Great chamber design and square port exhaust .
  10. madkaw

    Interesting early Z on BaT

    The E-30 heads are 37cc Chambers compared to 39-41cc on the E-31 or E-88. I run 37cc chambers on my L24 , but it’s a e88 that has been shaved a bit 😜 I also have significant bore notching which lowers compression . That coupled with a 490/290 cam I have no issues with detonation with 93 octane. The L20 ran dished pistons with those tiny chambers
  11. You should be fine with stock timing
  12. Need a complete AC for my 240

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. madkaw


      Use private message to message me - thanks

    3. madkaw


      Or text me - you should still have my number

    4. Don McNabb

      Don McNabb

      Have changed phones. My new number is 812-798-2784. Do not have yours. I know you gave me the AC parts ( I think, maybe you didn't, cannot remember), but I think I am going to put AC back in it. Called Vintage Air and they really dont have what I need. Trying to call MSA, no luck yet from them. Just thought if anyone knew you would what the best route is to try and keep it all factory.

  13. madkaw

    MN -47 cylinder head

    Not really true on header options. A square port header will work fine on this head. It’s going the other direction -square port head to round port header- that doesn’t work. Yes the sweet e-88(E) heads we don’t get here, this is a nice compromise .
  14. madkaw

    240z floor pan replacement question

    This is why butt welding gets tricky. Unless things are lined up perfect you can find yourself patching in gaps . I would recommend Cleco’s - you’ll wonder how you did without them. I learned my lesson with these panels - only cut off what’s bad on the original panels. Removing all of the old panel all the way to the inner rocker panel is usually not necessary , usually not much rust all the way up there anyway. I didn’t hardly catch this issue when I did mine. It made the floor slightly off level
  15. IMHO - 44 for your engine size . If it was a bigger liter motor , or you were planning on spinning it way up high rpm , then maybe bigger valves . Can you go too big - I doubt it , so no time then the present to cover all the bases . Quite sure you can buy valves from Rebello - and he would give some free advice since your buying 🙂

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